Friday, February 25, 2011

Exploding in Sound Issue Wax Unwound for Free

If you are still hungry for new music after riffling through the 2010 Year-End Report and the New Track Rundown, my friends over at Exploding in Sound have their latest compilation, Wax Unwound, available for free download and it is packed to the brim with awesome new tunes. This latest entry represents my favorite in the consistently excellent series of compilations coming from the Exploding in Sound camp. It contains two of my absolute favorite tracks from last year (Pile - "Don't Touch Anything", Black Mountain - "Old Fangs), great female-fronted bands (She Keeps Bees, Sky Larkin), some of Boston's best (Young Adults, Nassy), and several masters of noise (Zach Hill, Ty Segall). As always, Zach Hill's song "Total Recall" is an incredible testament to how much distortion the human ear can take in. Really, there is something for everyone on this compilation - everyone who likes rock music at least. The press release and download link are below. Go get it!

WAX UNWOUND is the brand new snarling monster of a compilation from Exploding In Sound. While little introduction is necessary for volume eight of the taste-making website’s promotional compilation series, the good folks over at EIS honestly couldn't be happier with the end results. This is the collection the rock world has been waiting for, the one that will tear the paint from the walls with pure brilliant fury and infinitely enjoyable music from some of the best active bands.  Ladies and gentlemen, Exploding In Sound is honored to announce WAX UNWOUND and it's unbelievably amazing line-up including Zach Hill, Pulled Apart By Horses, Black Mountain, The Twilight Singers, Young Widows, Monotonix, Ty Segall, Sky Larkin, Alain Johannes, Grandfather, Shapes, and many more [full tracklist below]. Waste no more time, DOWNLOAD NOW. Please play this compilation at a high volume for maximum results.  You just may find your next favorite band.

DOWNLOAD THE ENTIRE COMPILATION FOR FREE via or Exploding In Sound's official BandCamp page. As always, the compilation is a 100% FREE digital download, containing artwork from the amazing, band descriptions, links for further enjoyment, and more. The staff at EIS want to reach out and thank everyone who has helped put this collection together, especially the bands, their labels, and management. Without the help, interest, and cooperation of these incredible artists none of this would be possible, because after all this is about their music and artistic vision.

Sharing of the download link is HIGHLY recommended and encouraged to anyone and everyone.  As this is a FREE compilation, the goal is to gain the maximum audience, and word of mouth is always appreciated. PLEASE DOWNLOAD, SHARE, POST, and SPREAD the word to everyone you know. Great music is being made, and it’s up to the fans to deliver it to as many listeners as possible. ENJOY!


1. Zach Hill – Total Recall
2. Pulled Apart By Horses – Get Off My Ghost Train
3. Pile – Don’t Touch Anything
4. Grandfather – Tremors
5. Black Mountain – Old Fangs
6. Alain Johannes – Endless Eyes
7. She Keeps Bees – Gimmie
8. Ty Segall – Caesar
9. Monotonix – Give Me More
10. Young Widows – Feelers
11. Shapes – The Escapologist
12. Young Adults – Impression
13. Tweak Bird – Lights In Lines
14. &U&I – Chancer’s Paradise
15. Nassy – Paul Michael Alexander
16. Sky Larkin – Kaleide
17. The Twilight Singers – Blackbird & The Fox
18. Capsula – Sun Shaking
19. Shark? – Tiny Violin
20. Dupec – MMIX
21. Ladder Devils – Common Dogs
22. Two Inch Astronaut – Spume

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