Saturday, April 28, 2012

Pile, Speedy Ortiz Play New Songs at Great Scott

There is very little I enjoy more than seeing a bill that is stacked with promising bands on the rise. A bout of insomnia had kept me up the night before, but I knew I had to drag myself out to the show on April 9th at Great Scott. The unbelievable lineup included Slothrust, Speedy Ortiz, Buildings, Crinkle Face, and Pile. If I were to recommend five bands to keep your eyes on in the coming months, it would be the ones that were on that bill. Needless to say, I was pleased that I had dragged my lazy ass out to see all of them in action. To make the night even more satisfying, I captured performances of new songs from Speedy Ortiz and Pile, both of whom have upcoming releases on Exploding in Sound Records.

Cursive Burst and Bloom at the Middle East

It's a strange revelation when you realize that you have never seen one of your favorite bands live before. Such was the case when I saw that Cursive was coming to Boston with Cymbals Eat Guitars and Conduits. As much as Cursive's albums have meant to me, I had yet to catch a live performance by them. That was remedied when I saw them perform on April 2nd at the Middle East downstairs. It was to be my 3rd show in a row but I was still ready to rock. The night before I was seeing one of my other high school favorites, Converge, and I was looking to continue to ride that same wave of nostalgia with Cursive.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

New Track Rundown

Let me catch you up on my life, because we all know that's why you are here. Just as Stereo Typing started to update consistently, my computer decided that it would self-destruct, thus solidifying the blog's reputation for sporadic postings. But isn't that what makes this blog so fun and mysterious? It's a welcome surprise (or at least it should be) every time something pops up here. It keeps people guessing "Is this guy still listening to new music?" or "Do you think that blogger has finally been locked up in a mental institution." Meanwhile, I have to get one of those "job" things because society (and my wallet) hates an unemployed man (sans Mitt Romney for some reason). Anyway, here I am writing this unnecessarily personal introduction to a new track rundown on some crappy netbook. While deconstructing my attributes into alluring - dare I say irresistible - cover letters, I took the time to generate this playlist of inspiring new songs and videos for all to enjoy. More info after the jump.