Monday, December 14, 2009

Album of the Day and Stereo Typing Elsewhere

My useless musings appear not only on this blog you see before you but also several other places on the internet. Please permit me in directing you to some of the more current ramblings jotted down by yours truly. The first is my album of the day: The Dismemberment Plan's Emergency & I. It is featured in the article Wherein There Is Much Discussion Of Media Enjoyed This Past Fortnight #5 in which I unknowingly or perhaps subconsciously create the egregious error of a typo. The article comes courtesy of my good friend Ben over at Rabbit Hole Music, a fine blog worthy of your time. A stream of the album can be found below. Again, it is very worthy of your time.

My article Music That Needs to be Heard: Boston Strikes Back is also available over at Decoy Music.

Additionally, Decoy Music has a review I wrote not too long ago for the new Arctic Monkey album Humbug.

I will not be replicating these articles on this website since they are purely external works. Also, no one has been commenting on this blog so hopefully more people will do so on other sites. Commenting is half the fun people!

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