Friday, March 23, 2012

Stream/Download: Harriet - Tell The Right Story

Harriet is an LA based group fronted by former Dawes member Alex Casnoff. From the first song, I was absolutely hooked to their self-released debut EP Tell The Right Story. The wonderfully titled "I Slept with All Your Mothers" is the type of soaring anthemic indie rock that I yearn for. The showstopping vocal performance at the end of the track is one of those great moments that gives you chills the first time you hear it ...and every time after. It's next to impossible not to want to shout along with his declarations of “I slept with all your mothers. I slept in bed with you. I’m slipping under cover. I gave myself to you.” The next track, "Soldier", has a bluesy shuffle that actually reminds me a bit of Queens of the Stone Age's "Make It Wit Chu". Closer "Send 'Em Up" is another clear standout. It has an aching beauty about it and perfectly exibits their ability to blend classic Americana, folk, and dynamic indie rock much like Wilco.

Stream/Download: The Dads - Clip Art

The Dads are a four-piece from Rochester, NY. I first heard of them through their single "Don't Know How to Eat That" which remains one of my favorites of 2012. The song's main guitar riff is intricate and memorable which is a pairing you don't hear enough these days. It reels you in and the heartfelt vocals keep you coming back. Other songs like "Carried Away" are punky garage rockers that remind me of Harlem. The searing guitars found in "Zinny the Cat" are similar to the tones that can be found on Mr. Dream's records. The eight tracks here breeze by but are easy to play over and over again. Clip Art is available with a name-your-price plan via bandcamp.

Exploding in Sound - Brain Damage for Beginners

If all the music I have been posting lately wasn't enough, I highly recommend downloading the latest compilation from the fine folks at Exploding in Sound. Brain Damage for Beginners contains many excellent songs from bands that were featured here on Stereo Typing including Radical Dads, Mikal Cronin, Creepoid, Extra Happy Ghost!!!, Fat History Month, Sandrider, Speedy Ortiz, and Shores. Apart from those there are plenty of gems to discover within.

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Pile Kick Off Tour + More

Pile's latest tour kicks off tonight with idiosyncratic garage rockers Fat History Month and I can't recommend it enough. The best advice you'll ever get is "Go see Pile live." I would take that advice if I were you, especially since they are paired with another outstanding Boston live act. These bands have amassed a dedicated following due to their commanding live shows. You will also have a chance to wet your appetite for new material since Pile will be performing songs from their upcoming release on Exploding in Sound Records due out late summer / early fall. After playing around town a bit, Pile - the workhorses that they are - will be heading back out with the mighty Ugh God. I caught them both in Philly last time around and you can read about my interesting night and why you need to see these amazing bands live. Below is the announcement along with streams for the aforementioned bands.

The Dirty Dishes - The Most Tarnished Birds

The Dirty Dishes are back with their long awaited follow-up to 2010's impressive debut EP. The Most Tarnished Birds is another five tracks of wonderfully spacey jams. It's easy to hear the maturity on these new tunes, especially on Jenny Tuite's vocals. Opening track "Hush" allows her to take the spotlight with a melody that is both gripping yet subtle. "Bloom" is my absolute favorite track. The songwriting is reminiscent of the quieter material from The Smashing Pumpkins that still takes the opportunity to pop out at you during the right instances. The cascading guitars among Jenny's confessions of "I'm watching you bloom" create a truly absorbing moment. Closer "Blur", unlike it's name, is another clear bright spot. It has the same sonic punch as the Deftones complete with driving guitars and a soaring chorus. With Jenny coming into her own as a vocalist, The Dirty Dishes are more exciting to follow than ever. Listen below and prepare to be fully enthralled.

Speedy Ortiz - Taylor Swift / Swim Fan

Exploding in Sound Records (Stereo Typing’s joint venture with Exploding in Sound) is extremely proud to announce the signing of Speedy Ortiz. The self-proclaimed “snack rock” and “post-post-grunge” band has a new single that builds on the promise of songs like “Cutco” from their magnificent debut, The Death of Speedy Ortiz. The transition is akin to Sebadoh’s evolution on Bakesale; the songwriting is tighter, the songs are catchier, but they still pack quite a punch. “Taylor Swift” is as irresistible as the pop singer herself (minus the generic music). B-side “Swim Fan” has more delicious crunch than a bag of tortilla chips. Speedy Ortiz is like a tightly wrapped burrito layered with hearty rhythms, spicy guitar licks, and saucy lyrics. I’m clearly hungry now so I’ll let you go. You’ll find the full press release and tasty tunes after the jump.

Grass is Green - Ronson

Grass is Green have released their latest opus, Ronson, as a limited edition [only 500 copies] CD through Exploding in Sound Records, sold exclusively at Grass Is Green concerts and it is one of the year's brightest highlights. I’m going to try and write about this album without mentioning the 90s. Goddammit. I already blew it. Well now that we are on the subject, Grass is Green doesn’t play into the current 90’s resurgence of aping old grunge riffs. Instead, they meld the best of angular alternative guitars and perplexing math rhythms. This means you’ll have plenty of reason to namedrop Jawbox and Polvo to your friends while describing them. And you will definitely be talking to your friends about this one because Grass is Green have created an album so engaging that you’ll need to discuss it shortly after listening.

Friday, March 16, 2012

New Track Rundown

It's been awhile and I've been struggling with writer's block among other things, but just in time for the weekend, I have compile another selection of tunes that need to be heard. Tomorrow is St. Patrick's Day and you are going to want something to jam out to while you are needlessly guzzling alcohol. Or maybe you need a playlist to rock that hangover away on Sunday? Either way I've got you covered.