Thursday, March 22, 2012

Grass is Green - Ronson

Grass is Green have released their latest opus, Ronson, as a limited edition [only 500 copies] CD through Exploding in Sound Records, sold exclusively at Grass Is Green concerts and it is one of the year's brightest highlights. I’m going to try and write about this album without mentioning the 90s. Goddammit. I already blew it. Well now that we are on the subject, Grass is Green doesn’t play into the current 90’s resurgence of aping old grunge riffs. Instead, they meld the best of angular alternative guitars and perplexing math rhythms. This means you’ll have plenty of reason to namedrop Jawbox and Polvo to your friends while describing them. And you will definitely be talking to your friends about this one because Grass is Green have created an album so engaging that you’ll need to discuss it shortly after listening.

“Jesse’s Fashion Show” is an immediate standout. The chunky riffs and peculiar lyrics instantly remind one of Mclusky in their prime. The end of the song builds to a torrent of squealing guitars that sounds like Drive Like Jehu when they were in attack mode. When they hit heavy rhythmic grooves like on first single “Nice Guy of the Year Award” and the catchy “Panera”, it’s hard not to think of math rock pioneers Chavez. The record isn’t simply an endless display of technical chops. It has a flow to it that balances songs like the down-tempo “Devin’s Lament” with the mesmerizing guitar interplay on jams such as “Riff Sibling”. It’s captivating right down to the winding instrumental “Ruffleball” that wraps everything up. The production allows each element to shine without overwhelming the listener. This is one to experience in its entirety.

Make sure to catch them on their remaining tour dates, unless you don't like having your mind blown at rock shows. But if that's the case, what is wrong with you?! Physical copies of the album will be available at these shows courtesy of Exploding in Sound Records. They are cheap and look amazing so you would have to be absolutely mad not to get one!

3/23 - Atlanta, GA - The Music Room w/ Ricer
3/24 - Charlotte, N.C. or Greenville, S.C. - TBA - Help us book!
3/25 - Richmond, VA - Strange Matter w/ Sun Dials and Historic
3/26 - Arlington, VA - Galaxy Hut
3/27 - Philadelphia, PA - House Party
3/28 - Northampton, MA - Flying Object w/ Speedy Ortiz
3/29 - Brooklyn, NY - Shea Stadium w/ Speedy Ortiz
3/30 - Wesleyan, CT - Smokehouse
3/31 - Boston, MA - Wacky Castle w/ Pile, State Champion, and Fat History Month

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