Friday, March 23, 2012

Exploding in Sound - Brain Damage for Beginners

If all the music I have been posting lately wasn't enough, I highly recommend downloading the latest compilation from the fine folks at Exploding in Sound. Brain Damage for Beginners contains many excellent songs from bands that were featured here on Stereo Typing including Radical Dads, Mikal Cronin, Creepoid, Extra Happy Ghost!!!, Fat History Month, Sandrider, Speedy Ortiz, and Shores. Apart from those there are plenty of gems to discover within.

Other highlights include Office of Future Plans, the latest project from the legendary J. Robbins. "Harden Your Heart" is an infectious blast of post-punk that will keep you coming back endlessly. Fans of Polvo, June of 44, and other 90s math rock-y stuff will quickly develop an obsession with Love Among the Mannequins. There are a lot of driving tracks here but none get your blood pumping quite like the thumping bass and bluesy guitars on "Liquidation Sale" by Shilpa Ray & Her Happy Hookers. That track is followed adequately by some fuzzy stoner rock courtesy of Part Chimp. Recent Sargent House signees Indian Handcrafts will no doubt do that label proud with songs as addicting as "Red Action". The two-piece is not too far removed from Death from Above 1979. Speaking of addicting, EULA have a sweet yet aggressive sound that definitely makes them one to keep an eye out for. The other two bands I have to mention here are Porches. and Heliotropes. I had the opportunity to see Porches. last year and they put on an incredible show. I'm still dying to see Heliotropes who sound like a heavy version of Stereo Typing favorites Widowspeak. Really everything here is worth at least a spin. Give it a shot and download for free on bandcamp.

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