Friday, March 23, 2012

Stream/Download: Harriet - Tell The Right Story

Harriet is an LA based group fronted by former Dawes member Alex Casnoff. From the first song, I was absolutely hooked to their self-released debut EP Tell The Right Story. The wonderfully titled "I Slept with All Your Mothers" is the type of soaring anthemic indie rock that I yearn for. The showstopping vocal performance at the end of the track is one of those great moments that gives you chills the first time you hear it ...and every time after. It's next to impossible not to want to shout along with his declarations of “I slept with all your mothers. I slept in bed with you. I’m slipping under cover. I gave myself to you.” The next track, "Soldier", has a bluesy shuffle that actually reminds me a bit of Queens of the Stone Age's "Make It Wit Chu". Closer "Send 'Em Up" is another clear standout. It has an aching beauty about it and perfectly exibits their ability to blend classic Americana, folk, and dynamic indie rock much like Wilco.

The arrangements are excellent throughout and feel very organic. Each song has a captivating movielike quailty which is no surprise given that Casnoff has confessed, "I wanted it to feel big... cinematic. I wanted every song to be a movie, " also adding "I wanted it to feel like an occasion. I wanted it to feel like a wedding." This is one to put on, kick back with some whiskey, and enjoy the show. You can get the entire EP at their website for the measly price of your email address or stream below. Also check out the NSFW video for "I Slept with all your Mothers" which is one of the year's best.

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