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Speedy Ortiz - Taylor Swift / Swim Fan

Exploding in Sound Records (Stereo Typing’s joint venture with Exploding in Sound) is extremely proud to announce the signing of Speedy Ortiz. The self-proclaimed “snack rock” and “post-post-grunge” band has a new single that builds on the promise of songs like “Cutco” from their magnificent debut, The Death of Speedy Ortiz. The transition is akin to Sebadoh’s evolution on Bakesale; the songwriting is tighter, the songs are catchier, but they still pack quite a punch. “Taylor Swift” is as irresistible as the pop singer herself (minus the generic music). B-side “Swim Fan” has more delicious crunch than a bag of tortilla chips. Speedy Ortiz is like a tightly wrapped burrito layered with hearty rhythms, spicy guitar licks, and saucy lyrics. I’m clearly hungry now so I’ll let you go. You’ll find the full press release and tasty tunes after the jump.

Speedy Ortiz (ex-mems. Quilty, Graph, Ovlov) will follow up recently released digital single “Taylor Swift b/w Swim Fan” with Sports, an infectious five-track 10” LP, in late May

Exploding In Sound Records is excited to announce that Northampton, MA-based quartet Speedy Ortiz have joined its steadily growing roster. Last week, Speedy Ortiz self-released the exceptionally catchy “Taylor Swift b/w Swim Fan.” The single, recorded by Paul Q. Kolderie (Pixies, Radiohead, Hole) and mixed by Justin Pizzoferrato (Dinosaur Jr., Thurston Moore) is the first taste of the band’s complete line-up. The group will follow it up with Sports EP, their label debut, which will be limited to 500 copies on colored 10” vinyl and digital in late May. Speedy Ortiz will tour in support of the record this summer throughout the country.

Following the demise of Brooklyn rock trio Quilty, vocalist/guitarist Sadie Dupuis began writing music at summer camp under the name Speedy Ortiz. Her knack for songwriting was prosperous as she quickly wrote, performed, and recorded an EP and full length of hook-heavy home demos. The recordings are raw and simple, allowing the focus to rest entirely on the charm and sarcastic wit of the songs themselves without any studio gloss in sight. Speedy Ortiz was never meant to be a solo act, however, and it was almost serendipitous that during the same time two other East Coast indie rock favorites came to an end. Graph’s Matt Robidoux (guitars), Ovlov’s Mike Falcone (drums), and Darl Ferm (bass) joined Speedy Ortiz, coming together to create a crushing sound of early ‘90s-influenced guitar rock, grunge, and experimental pop. The Massachusetts band’s grueling work ethic has led to near constant shows on the East coast since their formation.

Sports, recorded at The Sex Dungeon studio in Philly (Ugh God, Fat History Month, Florida=Death), features Speedy Ortiz’s catchy hooks, enormous overdriven guitars, brutally pounding drums, and thick rumbling basslines. From the anthemic dirge of “Curling” to the brilliant word-play of the explosive “Silver Spring,” and the twitchy post-punk guitar riffs of “Basketball,” Speedy Ortiz’s music is addictive and ferocious, creating exceptional rock without taking things too seriously.

Sports Tracklist:

1. Basketball
2. Silver Spring
3. Curling
4. Indoor Soccer
5. Suck Buddies


Sadie Dupuis – vocals/guitar
Matt Robidoux – guitar
Mike Falcone - drums
Darl Ferm – bass

“sweetly woozy vocals over scrappy, fuzzed up guitars and splashes of reverb. While they recall the halcyon days of slacker indie rock, Speedy Ortiz add their own twist of vintage garage to proceedings, creating something that stands comparison with the best that is out there at the minute.” – The Mad Mackerel

“Her lyrics — often creepy, sometimes grotesque, but always poignant — are worth digging out from beneath Speedy Ortiz's catchy, noisy rock. It makes sense that she moved up from New York to the band's current base in Northampton this September to earn her MFA in poetry at UMass.” – The Phoenix

“lovingly steeped in 90's flannel (ala a melting pot of Pavement, Nirvana, Soundgarden, Helium- kinda) but sounding more stripped down in a raw garage band sort of way, Speedy Ortiz is head bangingly awesome.” – American Pancake

“Speedy Ortiz might fall under what you'd call post-grunge. The classic elements are there, muddy, deliciously murky messes of instrumentation, dudes in hats, and a badass lady sounding sassy and snarly at the same time. These Massachusetts rascals have just released a little two-song taster, and the more I listen to it the more I'm drinking the Kool Aid.” – Fuzzy Logic

“noisy guitar rock, modeled off that earliest phase of math rock that came from the start of the '90s. Dupuis is carefree and mildly mopey in her delivery, as were Timony and Liz Phair seventeen years ago. And it all comes together perfectly.” – Choir Croak Out Them Goodies

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