Wednesday, March 31, 2010

I Remember Yeasayer at Northeastern

Odd Blood by Yeasayer has been steadily gaining more spins in my playlist as each week of 2010 passes by. The album initially gave me a feeling of disappointment but as all the best albums do, it grew on me. With songs as strong as "Ambling Alp" and "I Remember", I figured that I had to catch their live show. However, when I went to purchase tickets, I discovered that the show at the Paradise on May 3, 2010 in Boston, MA had already sold out. As fate would have it, I was granted another chance to see the band when my friend informed me that there were performing a free outdoor show at Northeastern University on Saturday, March 27, 2010.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Making Excuses

This post could easily be a list of reasons why I have been slacking on posting new material. Fortunately, I just want to post some incredible videos for The Morning Benders' song "Excuses" which is being hailed as an instant classic. The first is a truly impressive cover by two friends, Andy Fitch and Brian Russo, who perform the song with a ukulele, a trumpet, an acoustic guitar, wooden chairs, and empty bottles of Tylenol, all while singing their hearts out in an attic. There are some seriously unnecessary covers of recent songs on YouTube but this is one that puts a smile on my face and makes me glad that people do these kinds of things.

Monday, March 29, 2010

Local Spotlight On: Bearstronaut

While perusing the Stereo Typing inbox, I came upon a synth-pop band from Massachusetts called Bearstronaut and I have to say that they peaked my interest. After sampling a few songs, I found myself bobbing my head in enjoyment to the propulsive, thumbing beats. The band could easily fit the bill among other Massachusetts up-and-comers such as Passion Pit and Yes Giantess. "Pink Ladies and & Sassy Babies" was an immediate attention grabber that could find a place on your next dance party mix. "Wire", however, was the track that sold me on the group. With a pulsing beat and a grandiose wall of sound, it positions the band to standout among the rest of the synth-shredders. You can hear these tracks on their ReverbNation page.

Saturday, March 6, 2010

New Track Rundown

I liked last week's New Track Rundown quite a bit. I listened to the playlist a few times at work (despite some seriously workplace-unfriendly songs) and it helped the day go by much quicker. This week's playlist, however, is miles above it. This is where some of my most anticipated albums start poking their heads out. The most significant of these is a new album by Broken Social Scene. I have been waiting for this since 2005 and I figured I would be disappointed. Thankfully, "World Sick" absolutely blew me out of the water. The song will be featured on their new album Forgiveness Rock Record which will drop on May 4, 2010 with the cover you see above. This is one record that just shot to the top of my most anticipated albums list. Additionally, I had the pleasure of hearing new songs from Fang Island, Joanna Newsom, Bonnie "Prince" Billy, and Portugal. The Man. All of these were able to meet or exceed my expectations. Let's see if they are able to do the same for you…

Exploding in Glorious Noise


My friends over at Exploding in Sound have compiled another impeccable mix of up-and-coming artists for their 5th compilation entitled Glorious Noise. The bands on this one generate some noise that is truly extraordinary, captivating, and fantastic. Yep, I think that is every adjective that can describe this colossal collection of credible creative collectives. Seriously, do not miss the tracks by Disco Doom, And So I Watch You From Afar, Let Our Enemies Beware, Apetka, Turbo Fruits, Sugar Army, and Ceremony. Those are just my favorites but everyone will have their own so read the press release below, grab the compilation, and enjoy!

Dirty Southern Ribs

Unwinding after a hard day's work with a concert of mellow music is something I always appreciate so on Friday, February 26, 2010 I jumped at the opportunity to see a few great Boston bands for free. The Dirty Dishes, Southern Belle, and RIBS played together as part of Berklee College of Music's Unplugged Series. I previously spotlighted The Dirty Dishes and RIBS as two of my favorite up-and-coming bands so I was obviously excited to see both of them on this bill in an acoustic setting. The only problem was that it was at 6:00pm so I had to rush right from work to get there but I'm glad I put the effort in.