Saturday, March 6, 2010

New Track Rundown

I liked last week's New Track Rundown quite a bit. I listened to the playlist a few times at work (despite some seriously workplace-unfriendly songs) and it helped the day go by much quicker. This week's playlist, however, is miles above it. This is where some of my most anticipated albums start poking their heads out. The most significant of these is a new album by Broken Social Scene. I have been waiting for this since 2005 and I figured I would be disappointed. Thankfully, "World Sick" absolutely blew me out of the water. The song will be featured on their new album Forgiveness Rock Record which will drop on May 4, 2010 with the cover you see above. This is one record that just shot to the top of my most anticipated albums list. Additionally, I had the pleasure of hearing new songs from Fang Island, Joanna Newsom, Bonnie "Prince" Billy, and Portugal. The Man. All of these were able to meet or exceed my expectations. Let's see if they are able to do the same for you…


Broken Social Scene – "World Sick"
This song is nothing short of incredible. After waiting five years for a proper BSS song, we are given this gem that is every bit as epic as anything they had previously penned. Classic Kevin Drew introspective lyrics and tension building instrumental swells line this stunning track. Listen and be amazed!

Yes Giantess – "The Ruins"
These guys are the frontrunners for the next electropop band to blow up from Boston. And yes, they are comparable to Passion Pit.

Major Lazer – "Halo" (Beyonce cover)
Major Lazer keeps churning out awesome dancehall infused electronic tunes and this cover is another awesome jam.

Kid Cudi – "Highs N Lows"
Kid Cudi continues to impress me with his thinking man's hip-hop that is not too far from the style of Lupe Fiasco.

The Very Best – "Ambling Alp" (Yeasayer overdub)
There is no doubt that "Ambling Alp" was influenced by African rhythms and this takes it to the next level.

Cymbals Eat Guitars – "Ballad of Big Nothing" (Elliott Smith cover)
Cymbals Eat Guitars do ample justice to this classic from one of my favorite artists of all time.

Toro Y Moi – "Missya"
This is a very chill acoustic track from a band I previously knew nothing about. Nice transitions and a bouncy beat left me quite impressed.

Cast Spells – "Glamorous Glowing"
Cast Spells bring an enjoyable twee pop song that will leave you feeling all warm inside.

Lemonade – "Lifed"
This is one of those songs that you will only enjoy if you like music that could be described as 'just plain fun'.

The Radio Dept. – "Heaven's on Fire"
Fuzz pop with hints of R&B that instantly reminded me of The Avalanches.

Fang Island – "Life Coach"
Fang Island is one of my latest obsessions. They possess an unmatched uplifting energy that sounds like stadium rock made from your favorite Nintendo theme songs. Somehow the band mixes chaotic crescendos with math rock and the danceable beats of Animal Collective… and that's just in this song! It is a prime example of their unique sound.

Broken Bells – "The High Road" (Dangermouse and James Mercer from The Shins)
James Mercer and Dangermouse seem like an odd pairing to me but it works on this laidback, dreamy track. I'm interested to hear what the rest of the record sounds like now.

Joanna Newsom – "Good Intentions Paving Company"
This album received so much damn hype before it came out that I really wanted to hate it. As fate would have it, that would be impossible.

Bonnie "Prince" Billy & the Cairo Gang – "Play, Guitar, Play"
No one does indie folk like Bonnie "Prince" Billy. I was just listening to The Letting Go while thinking that he is one of the most underrated musicians of our time. This reworking of Conway Twitty's "Play, Guitar, Play" certainly gave more credence to that thought. Listen for the psychedelic cackling at the end. He has a new album dubbed The Wonder Show of the World coming out on March 23rd but this is a non-album teaser.

She & Him – "Thieves"
There was no doubt that M. Ward and Zooey Deschanel were going to release some awesome folk this year and here it is.

Raaaaaaaandy & Dave Sitek (TV on the Radio) – "Aaaaaaaangry"
Aziz Ansari and Dave Sitek (TV on the Radio) create this name-dropping hip-hop track bursting with hilarity.

Portugal. The Man – "The Dead Dog"
Portugal. The Man is one of the few bands that release an album almost every year and it is always solid. This new track shows that they are capable of producing endless tracks of classic rock and roll bliss.


Jonsi – "Go Do"
In the following video, the frontman from Sigur Ros overloads your sense of sight and sound with an astonishing production. There's some touching in there too…

Dan Deacon – "Woof Woof!"
This is sooo Dan Deacon – meaning that it completely insane and like watching children's programming on acid. In a perfect world, this would rank with Michael Jackson's "Thriller" for story-driven music videos.

Sunset Rubdown – "Dragonslayer"
What's this? Another 11 minute storyline to go along with a seriously epic track? I hope you brought your attention span and maybe something to "enhance" your viewing experience before taking on these videos.

Los Campesinos! – "Romance is Boring"
To change things up, here is a short killer video for one of the surprise standout albums for the first quarter of 2010.

Pelican – "Final Breath"
What is one of these lists without at least a little metal? Here is an aptly hallucinogenic video for this sludgy dirge which actually features vocals!

OK Go – "This Too Shall Pass"
OK Go at least deserve credit for generating some of the greatest videos of this generation. This new one is no exception and is coupled with a pretty good track as well. A mind-blowing Rube Goldberg machine makes this perhaps the best one yet.

Deftones – "Rocket Skates"
This is classic Deftones. Great song and it's cool how they have the lyrics with the song instead of just a still photo. Every band should do that if they are going to debut on Youtube!

Royal Bangs – "War Bells"
Royal Bangs have been my most listened to band since I saw them a few weeks back. They have a truly innovative sound and this is a great video to accompany it.

war_bells from brandon blommaert on Vimeo.


  1. OK dave. i like this post even more. particularly, major lazer, the very best, the radio dept and broken bells. fuckin great.
    as for music videos, i cant be bothered with that sort of epic retardation. haha. nothing to 'enhance' my MASSIVE AMOUNT OF FREE TIME YOU APPARENTLY HAVE to spend watching music videos.

    however, the rube goldberg machine was a must. jesus christ. fucking awesome. the deftones video is boring as fuck but its a sick song.

    oh yeah, cant forget pelican. i was entranced, i admit. liked the song, the video was sick. would like to see it in a higher def though, thats really necessary for that kind of video man. get on that shit.

    all in all, pretty sweet shit. as you mentioned before pelican though, needs moar metal. seriously. i DO appreciate anything you post with beats- major lazer impresses me i should look into them.

    best song is tie between radio dept and broken bells.

    keep it up, son.

  2. I forgot what a busy man you are. Sorry I almost wasted you time with 'epic retardation' (new band name?). I spend my free time wisely I guess. Keeping in mind, wisely in my opinion means discovering new music.

    I don't think there is anyone that doesn't like that OK Go video and I figured you'd appreciate the Pelican one. I'm with you on that Radio Dept. song. It's def one of the best here and has endless replay value.

    I am trying to dig up some more metal but there's just not that much stuff that is sticking with me like the stuff on the list. The new Dillinger Escape Plan song is pretty sick. However, I can give you this piece of advice: GET THE NEW HIGH ON FIRE ALBUM! If you are looking for good metal, I'd be very surprised if anyone releases a better metal album than Snakes for the Divine this year.

  3. word. i wanted to replay a couple songs today, here is what i went for-

    major lazer
    the very best
    radio dept
    broken bells


    one of these days, im going to bug you for a mix cd.

  4. A mix is in the works. I will probably post it here. Actually, lots of updates are finally coming. If you hadn't notice Blogger took down this post momentarily for supposed copyright infringement even though the song was hosted elsewhere. I was afraid they were going to delete the blog because apparently they have been doing that now. Anyway, you'll really like some of the stuff coming up.