Friday, March 16, 2012

New Track Rundown

It's been awhile and I've been struggling with writer's block among other things, but just in time for the weekend, I have compile another selection of tunes that need to be heard. Tomorrow is St. Patrick's Day and you are going to want something to jam out to while you are needlessly guzzling alcohol. Or maybe you need a playlist to rock that hangover away on Sunday? Either way I've got you covered.

The playlist consists mostly of the best garage and psychadelic rock that I have found over the past month with some other surprises sprinkled in for color. Torche start things in overdrive with "Kicking" from their upcoming full-length Harmonicraft due on April 24th. The song skyrockets that album to the top of my most anticipated albums list. It is the perfect mix of heavy crunch and soaring harmonies that we have come to expect from Torche. One of my favorite records I have heard this month is Frying on This Rock from White Hills. The album gets you stoned just listening to it. I have no idea how they do it! The fuzzy "Pads of Light" is the most accessible from the new record and a great introduction to their hypnotizing psychedelic rock. Speaking of psychedelia rock bands named after the color of geological features, Black Mountain's "Mary Lou" comes from their score to the forthcoming "apocalyptic surf film" Year Zero.

The other psychadelic rock album I can't recommend enough is Echo Ono from Pontiak. Opening track "Lions of Least" is full of loud, fuzzy guitar blasts that become more impressive once you know that it was recorded without distortion pedals. Because of my well-documented obsession with Spencer Krug's songwriting, I have to mention "Teary Eyes and Bloody Lips" by Moonface, which is surprisingly neither organ nor vibraphone music. It shows Krug returning to guitar-driven indie rock with pensive lyrics. I couldn't be happier. Things come to a stop with one of the best Big K.R.I.T. songs we've heard yet which plays into a Finnish ambient musician. I figured why not? Boston tour dates are included as always.

Torche – “Kicking”
Sat, 6/23/12 - The Middle East Downstairs w/ Corrosion of Conformity, Black Cobra, and Gaza

Mark Lanegan – “The Gravediggers Song”
Sun, 5/13/12 - Paradise Rock Club

White Hills – “Pads of Light”
Thu, 4/12/12 - Church w/ Sleepy Sun and The New Highway Hymnal

Black Mountain – “Mary Lou”

Maps & Atlases – “Winter”
Fri, 5/18/12 - The Middle East Downstairs

Curren$y – “Soundbombin’”
Wed, 5/30/12 - Paradise Rock Club

Churches – “Feel Alright”

Campfires – “Melted Rubber Soul”

Crocodiles – “Sunday Psychic Conversation #9”

K-Holes – “Rats”

FIDLAR – “No Waves”

Terry Malts - "Tumble Down"

Mind Spiders – “On the Radio”

Pontiak – “Lions of Least”
Sun, 4/29/12 - Church

The Record Company – “Don’t Let Me Get Lonely”

Horse Feathers – “Fit Against the Country”
Sat, 5/5/12 - Brighton Music Hall

Lushlife – “Big Sur”

Ramona Falls – “Spore”
Tue, 6/12/12 - Ramona Falls

Moonface – “Teary Eyes and Bloody Lips”

Sleepy Sun – “Stivey Pond”
Thu, 4/12/12 - Church w/ White Hills and The New Highway Hymnal

The Cribs – “Chi-Town”
Sat, 4/14/12 - Brighton Music Hall

The Young – “Livin’ Free”

Big K.R.I.T. – “Boobie Miles”
Tue, 5/1/12 - The Middle East Downstairs

Nuojuva Р"Kuu Piirtää Sillan"

Michael Kiwanuka has a video for "I'm Getting Ready", the single from his highly anticipated debut album Home. The warm nostalgic tone makes him a safe bet to become a household name. The video that will stick in your mind the most here is for Autolux's "The Science of Imaginary Solutions". It is unbelievably creative and quite the trip. Another impressive video comes from Helms Alee who have used their Kickstarter campaign to create an amazing ode to the 90s complete with Beavis and Butthead-style versions of the band members. Miike Snow wins the award for weirdest video of the year. Twins from space turn an average man into some dancing rock star that somewhat resembles Pete Townshend. It is apparently a part of a series. The other video here that is pretty unforgettable is for "Supercool" by The Bullitts. You will hear screams of "It's Rosario Dawson!" and "Keep filming!" in your head long after it stops.

Sat, 4/29/12 - House of Blues

Sun, 4/15/12 - Great Scott

Mon, 3/26/12 - TD Garden

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