Tuesday, April 10, 2012

New Track Rundown

Let me catch you up on my life, because we all know that's why you are here. Just as Stereo Typing started to update consistently, my computer decided that it would self-destruct, thus solidifying the blog's reputation for sporadic postings. But isn't that what makes this blog so fun and mysterious? It's a welcome surprise (or at least it should be) every time something pops up here. It keeps people guessing "Is this guy still listening to new music?" or "Do you think that blogger has finally been locked up in a mental institution." Meanwhile, I have to get one of those "job" things because society (and my wallet) hates an unemployed man (sans Mitt Romney for some reason). Anyway, here I am writing this unnecessarily personal introduction to a new track rundown on some crappy netbook. While deconstructing my attributes into alluring - dare I say irresistible - cover letters, I took the time to generate this playlist of inspiring new songs and videos for all to enjoy. More info after the jump.

"The House That Heaven Built" has been my rallying call since it first graced my ears. Japandroids do anthemic garage rock like no other band. As you hear Brian King screaming "When they try to slow you down, tell them all to go to hell!", it's hard for your first thought not to be "Fuck yeah!" Speaking of garage rock, two heavyweights in the genre, Ty Segall & White Fence, have joined forces for a new album entitled Hair. If "I Am Not a Game" is any indication, it is going to be a veritable college course in creating grungy, fuzzy sounds. On the quieter end of the spectrum, Beach House and Mr. Gnome have each created their own dreampop classics. They both sound somewhat similar yet have their own charms that move you in different ways. I am also happy to report that I got my hands (er, ears) on the new Moonface record and it is more of a rock record and light years ahead of their debut. "Headed for The Door" is a great example of the raw emotional power the Spencer Krug project possesses. With so many great songs from upcoming releases, this playlist has me downright giddy for the coming months. As always, I have included the dates for when you can catch these great acts around the Boston area.

Japandroids - “The House That Heaven Built”
Tues, 6/26/12 - Brighton Music Hall w/ Cadence Weapon

Ty Segall & White Fence - “I am not a Game”

Fletcher C. Johnson – “Messin’ Up My Mind”

Heavy Cream - “John Johnny”

Beach House - “Myth”

Mr. Gnome - “The Way”

White Denim - “Get Back to Love (Street Joy)”
Thu, 4/12/12 - Brighton Music Hall

El-P - “The Full Retard”

Off! - “King Kong Brigade”

PS I Love You - “Princess Towers”

A Place to Bury Strangers - “You Are the One”

The Men - “Open Your Heart”

Francisco the Man - “Broken Arrows”

Hallelujah the Hills - “Get Me in a Room”
Sat, 5/26/12 - The Middle East Downstairs

Moonface - “Headed for the Door”

Weird Dreams - “Little Girl”

Screaming Females - “Expire”

Deer Tick - “Born at Zero”
Fri, 6/15/12 - Paradise Rock Club

Silversun Pickups - “Bloody Mary (Nerve Endings)”

Flying Lotus - “Until the Quiet Comes”

Jack White's video for "Sixteen Saltines" has been the talk of the town lately and is certainly one of the more intriguing music videos this year. Another controversial must-see is the video for "Time to Dance" by The Shoes. The portrayal of a hipster-massacring Jake Gyllenhaal can be quite a shock to the system. For a friendlier celebrity appearance, see Rufus Wainwright's video featuring the lovely HBC [Helena Bonham Carter for you n00bz] as a librarian, fulfilling the dreams of many a nerd. The most fascinating for me, however, is the latest from Simian Mobile Disco. I can’t quite explain why but I absolutely LOVE this video. I was in awe the whole time I was watching it. The same could be said for the overtly psychedelic Wave Machines video or the artsy meets carefree video from Grimes. Lazerbeak takes the best animation award here with a crazy one for the mesmerizing trip-hop track "Lift Every Voice". Check 'em all out below.

Sun, 4/15/12 - Paradise Rock Club w/ Lee Bains III and The Glory Fires

Wed, 6/13/12 - TT The Bear's w/ Widowspeak

Tues, 6/26/12 - Brighton Music Hall w/ Japandroids

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