Thursday, July 8, 2010

Thirsty Thursday Mixtape

My mind has been mush lately. I've been busy with work as well as other things and I have fallen behind on show reviews for the last five concerts I attended. Worst of all, I have been struggling with what some describe as the 'writer's block'. What does that mean for you, the unfortunately web browser, who stumbled upon this posting? It means a mixtape!

This one starts off fast, gets crazy, and mellows out at the end. It's the perfect soundtrack to those Thursday nights that you wish you didn't have come Friday morning. Reoccurring artists from my other mixes such as Unkle, Broken Social Scene, Wolf Parade, Foals, and Retribution Gospel Choir are the albums you should be running out to get right now. Others include impressive tunes from bands that I have seen recently such as HEALTH and The Depreciation Guild. I should have reviews up for those sometime soon. After all, this blog is basically a concert journal. Grab a drink and listen below!

  1. Wavves - "Idiot"
  2. Let's Wrestle - "Song for Old People"
  3. MiniBoone - "Rosalina Must Dance Alone"
  4. Tokyo Police Club - "Favourite Food"
  5. The Chemical Brothers - "Another World"
  6. Unkle - "Follow Me Down" feat. Sleepy Sun
  7. Crystal Castles - "Vietnam"
  8. HEALTH - "USA Boys"
  9. Ceremony - "Marianne"
  10. The Depreciation Guild - "My Chariot"
  11. Phantogram - "Mouthful of Diamonds"
  12. Broken Social Scene - "Water in Hell"
  13. Wolf Parade - "Pobody's Nerfect"
  14. Foals - "This Orient"
  15. Local Natives - "World News"
  16. Beach House - "Zebra (UK Radio Edit)"
  17. Built to Spill - "Water Sleepers"
  18. Retribution Gospel Choir - "Poor Man's Daughter"


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