Friday, March 11, 2011

Out from the Inbox: DOOMSTAR!, RIBS, The Devil Whale, and Eksi Ekso

I've largely ignored the inbox associated with this blog (sorry, bands and PR folk!). Today, I took the time to skim through what I have been sent thus far in 2011 and there is some excellent stuff that needs to be heard (and a lot of crap that I'm ignoring - sorry again, bands and PR folk!). Below are some up-and-coming bands that I think are worth giving a spin. The image above, which I find to be quite awesome, is the cover to Eksi Ekso's new album, Brown Shark, Red Lion.

The first entry that I've been loving is the new single from local Boston heroes DOOMSTAR! called New Years Single 2011. It features the previously unreleased track "Sea Gull" (from the Rainbow Bloodsucker sessions) and "Night at the Movies," which was originally released on a compilation for Deathbomb Arc Records. "Sea Gull" is a calmer, wavering jam whereas "Night at the Movies" is an all-out garage rock assault. You can listen to/download the new single at their bandcamp page or use the player below.

Another Boston release, RIBS presents their new double A-side, Locrian Singles. "Please Don't Go" sounds like Deftones in a head-on collision with Nine Inch Nails. "Cosmos" is a more ominous track with some funky guitar licks layered over a brooding beat. The sound is remarkable since no synthesizers or keyboards were used in the making of Locrian Singles. You can listen to/download Locrian Singles at their bandcamp page or use the player below.

The next band comes all the way from Utah, where I am surprised to hear they have rock music yet alone rock music that I enjoy. In all seriousness, Salt Lake City's indie-folksters The Devil Whale are pretty impressive. They walk that fine line between classic rock and indie folk which bands like Dr. Dog, Portugal. The Man, Delta Spirit, and The Fling have shined a spotlight on. Their new track "Barracudas" comes complete with a toe-tamping beat, vocal harmonies, and a sing-along chorus of "All my friends are Barracudas." The enjoyable track can be heard below.

The Devil Whale - "Barracudas"

Lastly, Boston's own progressive innovators Eksi Ekso are returning with a new full-length entitled Brown Shark, Red Lion. The player below has a three song preview of the new release and you can preorder the album on CD with a 28-page illustrated book or beautiful colored double vinyl here. The track "Carte de Visite" is seriously amazing and sounds like TV on the Radio sprinkled with metal sauteed in Mogwai. I know it sounds crazy but it works. Hear for yourself:

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