Thursday, May 10, 2012

Stream/Download: Krill - Alam No Hris

Out of a basement in Somerville, MA comes Alam No Hris, the debut from Krill. The trio of Jonah Furman (vocals/bass), Aaron Ratoff (guitar), and Luke Pyenson (drums) have crafted a catchy garage rock album that is very much indebted to the Pixies. Since first hearing them, I have become quite smitten with these tunes and they have been on constant rotation. The danceable jangle of "32 Teeth" reminds me of Clap Your Hands Say Yeah and Furman's warbly vocals definitely further that comparison. Hell, even the crappy album cover reminds me of CYHSY's debut.

"Kyle" is my favorite track and the one that first hooked me in and made me realize that something special was going on here. The lively chorus and memorable guitar riffs make it instantly likable. The next track, "Solitaire", is a reflective narrative with a heartfelt delivery. It's embarrassing how much I can relate to the self-deprecating lyrics. Songs like "Slug" have a frantic punk feel that reminds me of obscure garage rock bands like Kickball. Under the carefree approach is a maturity to Krill's songwriting and the result is a final product that is greater than the sum of it's parts. Alam No Hris is an album to get excited over and you can grab it for free at their bandcamp.

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