Thursday, September 24, 2009

Exploding in Free Music

My good friends at Exploding in Sound have released their new compilation Future Legendary and it is available for free! The compilation features songs from 19 up-and-coming bands including a great track from Boston's Junius. Speaking of Junius, their new album The Martyrdom of a Catastrophe which features such incredible songs as "Shoegazers & Gravediggers" has also generously been made available for the price of nothing! Who said people aren't generous these days?

A message from the band...

"Yep, that's right... Our album, our "Chinese Democracy," The Martyrdom of a Catastrophist, has just hit the streets in Europe today. Now, if you're anywhere else in the world other than Europe, that could bum you out. BUT, check this out...

The US CD/Vinyl pre-sale has also begun today HERE. Both the CD and Vinyl versions are epic in scope. The CD features a 24 page booklet with all kinds of classy bells and whistles like a cool cardboard sleeve, spot gloss, special uncoated stock, and more importantly, illustrations by our good friends Drew Speziale (of Circle Takes The Square) and Matt Gauck...

The vinyl version features a thick spine on heavy stock, and an 11x11" full-color paperback book, 2xLP on several different limited edition colors of vinyl. We're also offering a deluxe package including a hand-screened totebag!

And if that's not enough, you can download the entire album, completely free, right now HERE.

Let us know what you think—we are very proud to finally have this album see the light of day. We've worked harder on it than anything we've ever done, and are very excited to share it with the world.

Below are the press release, download link, and tracklisting for Future Legendary.

Someone once said "the times, they are a changing"… the king of pop has passed on, the last of the senior Kennedy's is no longer with us, and Nine Inch Nails are soon to play their final show.  Alas, do not fear these hectic times, but rather look to the future… with the brand new compilation from Exploding In Sound, "Future Legendary".  Featuring albums cuts and exclusive premieres from the likes of Junius, Truckfighters, Skeleteen, Zuu, Solar Powered Sun Destroyer, and more, "Future Legendary" brings the best in underground rock music for your pleasure at the unbeatable price of absolutely nothing.  The compilation is a FREE digital download, complete with artwork and liner notes containing descriptions of each band.  The extraordinary artists offer an array of rock styles including indie, alternative, pop, grunge, shoegaze, stoner/psychedelic, metal, soul, Americana, and so much more. So come one, come all, and enjoy this collection of recent releases and upcoming excellence.  Your ears and mind will be grateful.  It is quite an honor for Exploding In Sound to have the opportunity to work with such exceptional new artists, and a pleasure to help spread the word of their music.  Please show the bands your support, as they work hard to create music we can actually enjoy for countless years to come.   The future is upon us, and the time to take notice of great new music has arrived.



1. Zuu - Wasted Today
2. Skeleteen - Falter
3. RIBS - Even (EIS Version)
4. Truckfighters - Monster
5. Don Vail - Linda McCartney
6. Dove Hunter - The Shore
7. Borrowed Eyes & The Blood Red Road - Birds
8. Sundrone - First Responders
9. Pet Ghost Project - Short Name
10. Junius - Letters From Saint Angelica (Edit)
11. Minute of Arc - Lightspeed
12. Sturgeon - While You're Wasted
13. Change the Station - My Will
14. The Bowery Riots - The Rent
15. Downtown Handshake - Hourglass
16. The Deaf Scene - Remain Nameless
17. A Revolution of Kings - Plaster
18. Solar Powered Sun Destroyer - Ghost Light (Demo)
19. Sleeper Agent - Cut of my Jib

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