Saturday, September 19, 2009

The Suicide File Reunion Show at ICC

It's time to play catch-up on some shows I missed covering from August. The first and most significant would be The Suicide File reunion show with Bane that I was able to catch on August 13, 2009 at the ICC in Allston. I have been a fan of The Suicide File since their 2003 debut album Twilight and I never thought I would get a chance to see them live. I was stunned that they were playing a show and with Bane no less so I jumped at the opportunity to see these two classic hardcore bands on the same bill. The show was put together at the last second but they did a great job getting the word out because the place was absolutely packed. I guess in the rare instance that a great hardcore show does occur in Boston the entire community comes out to witness it.

When my friend and I arrived, people were packed into the ICC like sardines resulting in an unsatisfying high temperature in the venue. We luckily got there right as the singer from The Suicide File was taking stage. He came out with a piece of paper stating that he had some very important news to deliver and he was adamant about everyone shutting up before he delivered it. When everyone was finally completely quiet, he screamed "Cannonball" and the band exploded into their first song. The venue erupted in a giant pit with everyone feeling the music from the very start. The band played an excellent set with favorites such as "Twilight" and "Ashcroft" only stopping to banter with the crowd intermittently. One thing I've always loved about The Suicide File is that they are a band with something to say and when they speak, it isn't the typical mindless chatter. A lot of their songs are insightful and politically conscious such as "W." which is something I wholeheartedly respect in bands. Their performance was nothing but powerful and I'm sure I'm not the only one but it made me wish they were still writing music. With all respect to the band, I am including a link to Twilight which I purchased way back in 2003 and I recommend anyone who likes it to also grab a legitimate copy. Some great videos I discovered around the net can also be found below.


Suicide File - Cold Snap from WorldMovesFast on Vimeo.

Suicide File - Song For Tonight from WorldMovesFast on Vimeo.

By the time Bane took the stage, half of the venue had already emptied out. The band graciously thanked everyone remaining for sticking around acknowledging that it was a hot and draining show. The audience was then rewarded with an energetic performance by the group. Their live shows have been something of infamy and although I can't say it had lived up to everything I'd heard, I can say it was a commanding performance by a very talented band. I can also recognize that the conditions were less than ideal and following that stellar performance by The Suicide File could not have been easy. Nonetheless there is nothing like seeing them perform "Can We Start Again" with everyone rushing the stage and singing along. Below I am posting Bane's new song "The Bold and the Beautiful". It will have you hungering for more new material.


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