Monday, February 22, 2010

New Track Rundown

This week I am cutting to get right to the chase because there is a boatload of tracks that I have been digging that just came out. Since Mtv is no longer about music videos, I have plenty of them here too. I'm trying something new and putting some editorial notes/comments for each one. Let's get a discussion going, shall we? The image above is the cover to Paul's Tomb: A Triumph, the new album by Frog Eyes to be released on April 27, 2010. The band recorded all the album's tracks live and from the sound of the epic nine minute opener below, this one is going to be incredible.


Ted Leo & The Pharmacists – "The Mighty Sparrow"
Ted Leo's new tune rocks harder and is even better than "Even Heroes Have to Die", the first song released from The Brutalist Bricks.

Annuals – "Loxtep"
The opening track from their upcoming Sweet Sister EP shows the band experimenting with varied sounds and instruments even further.

Shearwater – "Black Eyes"
Everything this band releases can be described as 'gorgeous'.

David Byrne & Fatboy Slim (ft. Santigold) - "Please Don't"
David Byrne & co. continue to churn out more interesting music.

Drive-by Truckers – "This Fucking Job"
Not surprisingly, the Drive-by Truckers present a slab of good ol' Americana. It is very relatable but certainly not one to listen to in the workplace.

The Smashing Pumpkins – "Widow Wake My Mind"
Another Pumpkins song slips through the cracks. This time, however, the song is much poppier and happier sounding.

The Besnard Lakes – "Albatross"
These guys have a great psychedelic rock sound. I'm definitely picking this one up on vinyl when it comes out.

Best Coast – "Up All Night"
I have been loving everything coming from this group so far and this is no exception.

High Places – "On Giving Up"
Driven by a cool, simple beat, it had me interested in hearing more.

Major Lazer [ft. M.I.A. and Busy Signal] – "Sound of Siren"
Post-dancehall? I can't wait to see them in April!

The Morning Benders – "Excuses"
This song has been getting some genuine hype. I think I can hear the backlash in the distance...

Caribou – "Odessa"
Caribou return with a track that is strangely danceable yet unmistakably eerie.

The Ruby Suns – "Cranberry" (Radio Edit)
This is an excellent new song but try and listen to it without thinking of Animal Collective.

Japandroids – "Art Czars"
Japandroids continue their streak of awesomeness. I'm pretty sure they played this when I saw them back in November.

Sharon Jones & The Dap Kings – "I Learned the Hard Way"
Sharon Jones does neo-soul that sounds just like the classics!

Frog Eyes – "A Flower in a Glove"
In a word: EPIC. Perhaps even my favorite of the bunch, this song displays Carey Mercer's manic yet passionate vocals which are some of the best in music.

Dr. Dog – "Shadow People"
Dr. Dog make music for those who miss classic rock.


St. Vincent – "Laughing with a Mouth of Blood"
Fred Armisen stars in the absolutely hilarious video for this standout from Actor, one of last year's best records.

Surfer Blood – "Swim"
Why does a dude running around in his underwear seem appropriate for this song? That and plenty of unexpected stuff show up in this one.

Local Natives – "Airplanes"
This interesting video definitely helps me understand why they are getting so much hype.

The Antlers – "Bear"
The standout track from their album Hospice finally gets the video treatment in memorable fashion.

Eluvium – "The Motion Makes Me Last"
Dreary imagery captures the atmosphere of the music perfectly.

Sade – "Soldier of Love"
The best pop song so far in 2010 is completed with this crazy-ass video.

Efterklang – "Modern Drift"
Efterklang have made a fittingly beautiful video for one of the best tracks thus far in 2010.

Modern Drift by Efterklang from Rumraket on Vimeo.
Big Business – "The Drift"
The awesome/ridiculous video does justice to what is easily one of the best songs of 2009.

Big Business "The Drift" Music Video from Wesley Belak-Berger on Vimeo.
A Place to Bury Strangers – "Keep Slipping Away"
Now there's some poetic imagery.

A Place To Bury Strangers - Keep Slipping Away

A Place To Bury Strangers | MySpace Music Videos

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  1. interesting stuff. in particular, i fuckin want that major lazer song- but i cant find it anywhere on youtube. so im going to bug you for it.