Friday, February 25, 2011

New Track Rundown

It's been a long time since I did a new track rundown. There is way too much amazing music coming out right now to let it go any further. Below are my favorite songs and videos that have been floating around in February. There were a few big surprises like Poor But Sexy, a band that features Jason Caddell who is the guitarist of The Dismemberment Plan. The group has influences from 70s soul/R&B mixed in with a little P-funk, something not enough bands are doing these days. After much speculation, The Strokes finally released a new song and it definitely surpassed my expectations. J Mascis is already wowing me with his new track "Is It Done" off of Several Shades of Why; the cover of which is above. Also of great note, I can't get enough of the new Cold Cave song, "The Great Pan is Dead." Wes Eisold has come along way since his days with Give Up The Ghost [one of my favorite hardcore bands of all time which will always be known as American Nightmare to me] but he is still churning out some pretty fascinating and remarkable music. Everything can be heard below and I am also including dates for when you can catch the artists that are coming to Boston.

J Mascis - "Is It Done"
Sat, 03/26/11 - Brighton Music Hall

Braids - "Plath Heart"

Akron/Family - "Silly Bears"

Hammer No More The Fingers - "Steam"

Okkervil River – "Mermaid"

The Strokes – "Under Cover Of Darkness"

Otis Heat - "Everybody Loves Me The Same Way"

Poor But Sexy – "Hotter Than A Poptart"
Sat, 2/26/11 (aka Tomorrow!) - Great Scott

Freelance Whales – "Day Off"
Mon, 05/02/11 - Paradise Rock Club

Vivian Girls – "I Heard You Say"

Toro Y Moi - "Still Sound"
Sat, 04/09/11 - Brighton Music Hall

Dam Mantle - "Movement"

Cold Cave - "The Great Pan Is Dead"
Tue, 04/26/11 - Royale

Dum Dum Girls - "He Gets Me High"
Wed, 03/02/11 - Brighton Music Hall

Fleet Foxes - "Helplessness Blues"
Tue, 05/17/11 - Orpheum Theatre

Beige - "Silver Writing"

Win Win - "Interleave" [ft. Hot Chip's Alexis Taylor]

A good deal of these videos are NSFW so be careful...

The New Pornographers - "Moves"

The Rural Alberta Advantage - "Stamp"

Yuck- "Holing Out"

Marissa Nadler - "Rosary"

James Blake - "The Wilhelm Scream"

Destroyer- "Kaputt"

Suuns- "Pie IX"

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