Friday, February 18, 2011

Radiohead Unleashes The King of Limbs Today

It seems improbable that I would be listening to a new Radiohead album today but, it is winding to a close as I finish this sentence. You can get The King of Limbs here or stream it below. At the present moment, I am absolutely in love with "Morning Mr. Magpipe" and "Lotus Flower." "Give Up the Ghost" also has me under its enchanting spell with its slow, dreamy progression. The album is on the short side and the syncopated beat found on closer "Separator" is guaranteed to leave you wanting more. I'm hoping Thom Yorke's haunting bellow of "If you think this is over, you're wrong" on the final track is a hint that there is more to come. That's probably just wishful thinking. The video for "Lotus Flower" can be found after the album stream. Fans of funky Thom Yorke dancing will be pleased. Enjoy!

The King of Limbs:
  1. "Bloom"
  2. "Morning Mr Magpie"
  3. "Little by Little"
  4. "Feral"
  5. "Lotus Flower"
  6. "Codex"
  7. "Give Up the Ghost"
  8. "Separator"

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