Friday, September 16, 2011

JEFF the Brotherhood Shred and Rip at Great Scott

I saw JEFF the Brotherhood open for Fucked Up earlier this year. After witnessing their dynamic performance, there was no way that I would miss the band if they came around again. I had the chance to catch their live show at Great Scott on September 4th and did not forgo the opportunity. After unsuccessfully trying to convince my friends that they needed to see the band live, I made my way over to the venue. It was the night before Labor Day and people were ready to get down. This was one of the wildest shows I had seen at Great Scott in some time. Maybe it was the perfect storm of the holiday and students returning to Boston, but whatever it was, it made for a great time.

It was a packed house by the time I got inside and JEFF the Brotherhood were already blasting away. The duo of Jake and Jamin Orrall create the perfect fusion of stoner rock, punk, and pop. This is a great combination for live music because you get headbangers, danceable tunes, and sing-alongs. The audience was extremely lively, trashing around and crowd-surfing the entire time. JEFF ran through an excellent gamut of songs with highlights from We are the Champions, one of 2011’s finest records. Jake took the time to work the crowd during guitar burners like “Shredder” and “Ripper”. The latter even had him crowd-surfing while tearing up the song’s catchy riffs. The Nashville band proved that they are one to look out for and I don’t think I’ll be missing them next time they come to town. Below are some of their music videos along with some videos from the show thanks to Boston Counter Cultural Compass.

“Wastoid Girl” NSFW

“Hey Friend”


“Heavy Days”


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