Thursday, July 7, 2011

Royale Gets Fucked Up

Last time I saw Fucked Up was at the Middle East Upstairs and they put on one of the craziest shows I had ever seen. At one point, lead singer Damian “Pink Eyes” Abraham tried to hang on a pipe that was attached to the ceiling and ended up ripping in down. With such a notorious live show, you never know what’s going to happen and that’s why I made sure to catch their performance at Royale in Boston, MA on June 24, 2011. With buzzworthy openers JEFF the Brotherhood and Iceage in tow, it was one that no one should have missed.

Recent Best New Music recipients Iceage began the show with a lively performance of punk and noise. It was the first time the youngsters from Denmark were in America and the audience was very receptive. I think the average age of the band is 18 so I didn’t hold too much against them for being a little rough around the edges. Their sound was that of classic punk bands with everything going by at a lightning quick speed and the guitars being distorted almost beyond comprehension. It was raw to say the least. Once they get some experience under their belt, you can definitely expect big things from these guys. Check out some songs below.

Iceage – “White Rune”

Iceage – “New Brigade”

Iceage – “Broken Bone”

I was thoroughly impressed by the duo that comprises JEFF the Brotherhood. Before the performance, all I had heard from them is their rocker “Shredder” which was featured in my last new track rundown. Now, you can count me among the true fans. For just two guys, they filled out the sound nicely combining elements of punk, sludge, and good ol’ rock and roll. The guitarist/singer had some great moves while working the audience with irresistible licks and even made his way down to the floor while continuing to shred.

With the dynamic drummer creating booming rhythms, the two kept things interesting by alternating between slow stoner jams bordering on psychedelic and punk rock burners. On my way out, I made sure to pick up the tour edition of their new album, We Are the Champions. It sounds fantastic and stands amongst the year’s best. Below are some tracks for your listening pleasure as well as a video of the performance courtesy of the Boston Phoenix.

JEFF the Brotherhood – “Diamond Way”

There is a reason the image used for the header of this article is not a picture that I had taken of Fucked Up. I tried to get at least one good photograph for this article but the never-ending chaos made sure that I couldn't keep my camera straight for one second. It was seriously that intense on the floor. It wasn’t long before frontman/deviant Damien Abraham took his shirt off and started throwing his sweaty, hairy chest in everyone’s face. He performed most of the show among adoring fans in the audience, creating havoc everywhere he went. The amount of crowdsurfers was larger than I had ever seen with an endless supply attacking the stage. Eventually, what looked like four John Cenas lined the stage to watch over the crowd.

Things really blew up when they played “Police” which was also the moment I got a boot to the face. They had to keep the set somewhat short because Royale was turning into disco or something shortly after their set. It’s amazing to think that the same place a bunch of sweaty punks were beating the shit out of each other would later turn into an indoor version of Jersey Shore. I’m just glad the show happened and I got to see Fucked Up play standouts like “Queen of Hearts” and “The Other Shoe” from their ambitious and damn near perfect album David Comes to Life. For a punk band, they play incredibly tight with talent and musicianship to match the best bands out there. Now, I am just waiting for the chance to see them do it all over again.

Below are some tracks from David Comes to Life along with the creative new video of “Queen of Hearts”, further proof that Fucked Up do not follow any guidelines. I also encourage anyone to listen to the fascinating interview Damian had with Boston Bastard Brigade. He says some insightful things especially when he mentions that there is currently “no overriding cultural movement every kid is getting wrapped up in it; only a million little movements happening at the same time.”

Fucked Up – “Queen of Hearts”

Fucked Up – “The Other Shoe”

Fucked Up – “A Little Death”

Below are videos of the performance courtesy of Robot Messiah Blog.

“Queen of Hearts”

“Police” & “Son the Father”

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