Thursday, July 14, 2011

Out from the Inbox: 10 Bands That Didn’t Make Me Want to Tear Out My Eardrums

I once again combed through the musical wasteland that comprises my inbox and found a few hidden treasures. I wish PR companies actually read my blog or at least skimmed through it so they would know that I am not going to write about their shitty honky-tonk country band. Going through hundreds of emails of bands trying to get your attention inevitably sends you on an emotional roller coaster. Just when you think their is no hope for music, you get hit with something that completely amazes you. These are the 10 bands that didn’t make me want to tear out my eardrums.

Fever Fever art punk from the UK
The group pictured at the top is Fever Fever. Their single "Teeth" starts out with just vocals before angular guitar riffs start to pour in and the percussion comes crashing down. It's definitely a refreshing listen. Recommended for fans of other UK post-punk bands like Future of the Left and Dananananaykroyd.

One Trick Pony alternative folk from LA
"Andrew Jackson" is an excellent introduction to One Trick Pony. The moody string-laden track has great vocals harmonies and combines numerous dynamic elements without sounding too busy. The result sounds something like a freak folk version of the Antlers.

Imaginary Cities bluesy rock from Winnipeg
"Ride This Out" is one of those tracks that you immediately want to sing along to. The song strikes the perfect balance between indie rock and classic rhythm and blues to produce a tune that is impossible to get out of your head. Imaginary Cities are comprised of singer Marti Sarbit and Rusty Matyas, a current player with the Weakerthans. Together they make music that sounds like it could have came from Amy Winehouse if she finally put down the crack-pipe. The striking video for "Ride This Out" was directed by Jeremy Fisher in hand-drawn animated style and can be viewed below.

Giants post-rock from Cedar Falls, Iowa
Giants latest EP from The Mylene Sheath is made up of four carefully crafted tracks of triumphant post-rock. The key to the songwriting here is that it is precise and unfolds beautifully in short bursts. This gives it more replay value that the more tedious song structures of their peers.

Beware of Safety heavy post-rock from LA
Beware of Safety is another post-rock band from flagship genre label The Mylene Sheath. Their sound is a larger scale and much more dynamic style that lays some seriously crushing blows.

The Devil Whale indie-folksters from Salt Lake City
I wrote about The Devil Whale in my last Out from the Inbox article. Now they have released their second full-length album, Teeth. "Standing Stones" displays their indie rock style that incorporates psychedelic and nostalgic 60s influences. Fans of bands like Dr. Dog and Portugal. The Man should definitely dig it.

The Devil Whale – “Standing Stones”

So Many Wizards dream pop from LA
So Many Wizards crafts thoughtful little nuggets of dream pop perfection. "Inner City" and "Best Friends" are perfect examples of their immensely likable sound.

So Many Wizards – “Inner City”

So Many Wizards – “Best Friends”

Bearstronaut disco punk from Boston
Bearstronaut may not be for everyone but if you don't cringe at the idea of disco being added to your dance punk, you are going to love them. Everyone needs a good dance track and their latest offering "Roger was a Dancer", gets the job done masterfully.

Roger Was a Dancer by Bearstronaut

I also really liked the remix of their track "Frauline" below. I'm such a sucker for panned vocals popping in and out of dance music with a big beat.

Frauline (True Faux Remix) by Bearstronaut

James & Evander analog synth duo from Oakland
The beauty of "Constellating" from James & Evander is the simplicity of their songwriting. The current wave of electro bands seem to be cramming as many sounds into their tracks as they can, creating overwhelmingly busy compositions. James & Evander take a more minimal approach and the result is a warmer sound.

James & Evander - “Constellating”

Son of the Sun psychedelic rock from Buffalo
This is the perfect music for summer. Son of the Sun have a laid-back sound with all the charms of classic psychadelic rock. Check out their single "My Best Mistake" then listen to it again and again while sipping drinks on your porch. The subject matter may not be the brightest but it attacked with a certain level of assurance.

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