Thursday, November 10, 2011

New Track Rundown

The wonderful Parts & Labor are no longer with us but they left behind the fantastic swan song “No Nostalgia.” It showcases the creatively rich mixture of lo-fi electronics and rock that they have become known for over the past decade. It is also a perfect lead into this week’s new track rundown. If you enjoy the song, I would also urge you to pick up their excellent 2011 album, Constant Future. Following “No Nostalgia” is Craig Wedren’s “I Know” from Wand, which is only his second solo album behind 2005’s Lapland and his first album since Shudder to Think reunited. It’s all over the place in the most glorious way and features his signature vocal acrobatics. “Come to Me” is not necessarily a new track; it comes from We Were Exploding Anyway by 65daysofstatic and features The Cure frontman Robert Smith. The album was released last year in the UK to stellar reviews and has finally received a US release this week which is why it is featured here. All this and more can be heard after the jump.

Parts & Labor – “No Nostalgia”

Craig Wedren – “I Know”

65daysofstatic – “Come to Me” feat. Robert Smith (The Cure)

Bleached – “Searching Through the Past”

Heavenly Beat – “Desire”

The Heavy Dream – “Under the Golden Sun”

The Welcome – “Leaves Say Hello”

Feist – “Pine Moon”

Other Lives – “Song Song”
Thu, 2/16/12 – Great Scott

Hands – “Warm Night Home”

It is rain in my face. – “Wishbone”

Chrome Sparks – “Still Sleeping” feat. Steffaloo

Grimes – “Oblivion”

Sandro Perri – “Changes”

The Dø – “Slippery Slope”

Danny Brown and Black Milk – “Zap”

A.Dd+ - “Insomniac Dreaming”

Small Black – “Moon Killer”

Out of Vogue – “Flag”


Prurient – “Time’s Arrow”

Icarus Himself’s video for “On Your Side” is one of my absolute favorites from this year because it is such a great example of how a video can complement a song. Piers Faccini’s “Tribe” is another one of the year’s best with its unforgettable animation which sits side-by-side with “Peripheral Visionaries,” another trippy animated video from Young Galaxy that perfectly encapsulates the mood of their dream pop. Other standouts include seductive and memorable video for “Kale” by Nerves Junior which will hopefully give the excellent up-and-coming band the push they need to reach more ears. “Some Love” is a simple yet beautiful filmed video for the infectious single by A Lull. Also featured is great neo-soul from Michael Kiwanuka and Mayer Hawthorne with equally fantastic visual accompaniment. Watch all this and more below.

Mon, 3/26/12 – Paradise Rock Club

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