Friday, November 18, 2011

Stream: Widowspeak - Widowspeak

I've been meaning to write about Widowspeak for a while now. On Wednesday, I was overly excited when their song "Harsh Realm" was played during the new episode of American Horror Story. It is one among a sea of standouts from their 2011 self-titled debut. The Brooklyn trio crafts a sound that is certainly indebted to Mazzy Star yet maintains its own unique intricacies. On songs like "Gun Shy", guitarist Robert Thomas generates some spellbinding leads that slowly creep up on you and take a spot in the back of your mind. The whole album is engulfed in a thick atmospheric haze that leaves the feeling that you are gently drifting out to sea. "Limbs" could easily serve as the soundtrack to smoke billowing out of a slow burning cigarette as you stare into the void. Vocalist Molly Hamilton has a seductive voice that moves between a whisper and an arresting croon. The melancholy air the group creates together is seasoned with the delicate percussion of Michael Stasiak. Rich arrangements and some hypnotic feedback keep things interesting the entire length of the album. There is nothing too fancy and there are no bad tracks; it's just a straightforward transmission of their stunning sound. The only negative I could find is that it is over too soon. You can listen to the whole thing after the jump …and then immediately listen to it again because it’s that good.

Widowspeak: Widowspeak by alteredzones

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