Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Stream/Download: Geronimo! - Buzz Yr Girlfriend: Vol 2 - The Burden of Genius

Chicago's Geronimo! are a DIY band that have a distinctive mixture of post-punk and noisy progressive grunge. Their latest release is a sequel of sorts to last year's Buzz Yr Girlfriend: Vol 1, a gravelly 4-track cassette. Buzz Yr Girlfriend: Vol 2 - The Burden of Genius improves upon that release by leaps and bounds. With enhanced production and stellar songwriting, they secure their place one of more intriguing bands from the windy city.

Opening the record is an endearing cover of Beat Happening's fantastic "Indian Summer". "Neon Head" follows as the first new track and displays the Chicago trio's penchant for booming bass and heavy fuzz. With "Perfume Nights" things take a detour into catchier territory. It is downright dancey yet they still sneak in screeching guitars to wind you down on the floor. Guitarist/vocalist Kelly Johnson howls with grit and purpose on "Midnight Wolf". The song is also marked by a barrage of clever riffs that slam against your ears with pleasurable force.

The Burden of Genius has an atmosphere closer to their impressive 2010 debut, Fuzzy Dreams, than it does Buzz Yr Girlfriend: Vol 1. They even include a re-imagining of Fuzzy Dreams highlight "Battery Acid Moustache" re-titled "Battery Acid Soul Patch". The version presented here is a definite standout, taking the listener on a journey through swirling psychedelic guitars and stoned hypnotic rhythms. Grab it at their bandcamp or listen below.

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