Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Stream/Download: Trach - Heavy Arms EP

The duo Trach (pronounced "Track") is comprised of TRavis Hunter (Scouter) and zACH D'Agostino (Arvid Noe). Can you do the math there? The Heavy Arms EP is another reason why I have been obsessing over the sounds coming from Allston, Massachusetts lately. These six largely instrumental tracks each have their own unique vibe making for an entertaining 20+ minute listen. The opener and title track is a fantastic entry point and is both smooth and crunchy like organic peanut butter. Speaking of organic, they have a natural chemistry much like Boston’s other beloved duo Fat History Month.

The two cover an impressive range with just guitars, vocals, and drums. "Muddy Eyes" is probably the most straightforward offering with it's dazed vocals and memorable riffs. I find myself more drawn to the mathy space rock of "Gentrified", which is reminiscent of adventurous instrumental acts like Delicate Steve. Vocals are used sparingly on this effort and this gives them a greater impact when they do appear. The approach is similar to Fang Island, which is evident on the bouncier and more uplifting tracks like "Funny". Closer "Gallows" contains some of the more dizzying riffs on the release and ends on an almost metallic note. Trach will surely be a name buzzing around Allston so you might as well get on board early.

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