Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Bad Antics at Church

The headline could serve as an interesting news article but it is actually in reference to a show I recently saw. On June 28, 2009, I saw After the Fall, Legit!, and Bad Antics at Church in Boston, MA. Apparently, the only places that still have hardcore punk shows around here are Church, the bar in the Fenway area, or actually churches such as the ICC (International Community Church) in Allston.

The opening band After the Fall played fast old school hardcore in the vein of Propagandhi or old Rise Against. Their set was good but incredibly short even considering the genre. It seemed like they took stage and 15 minutes later they were already loading off their gear. My friend even turned to me and asked if they were really finished. We both didn't hear any announcement that it was their last song so it came as a shock to see them leaving the stage. I took the time to get their latest release and I have to admit that it is much better than I remember them being live. Songs such as "Fort Orange", "Decapitate", and "Poor Excuses" have that great sing-along punk feel. Check it out for yourself below:


The next band up was Legit! – both literally and figuratively. They had a faster more aggressive style which I am more attuned to enjoying. The significantly abrasive vocals perfectly commented the blazing guitar riffs. It's a shame it is really hard to find more of their material. It seems that they only have two 7" releases out which aren't readily available so it looks like I'll just be enjoying the four songs they have up on their MySpace for now. Either way I look forward to hearing new material and hopefully a full-length from these guys in the near future.

Guilty Faces were supposed to headline but had to cancel because their drummer got sick or something along those lines. For that reason, Bad Antics were the last band to take the stage. The band, hailing from California, played fast skate punk with a surprising amount of proficiency. I found myself really impressed with what the guitarist and bassists were able to pull off. The drummer kept the pace up effortlessly while the guitars ripped and the vocals were being spewed violently. Give their self-titled 7" a listen below:


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