Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Keelhaul’s Triumphant Return to Obscurity

Keelhaul, one of the most underrated metal bands and one of my favorites, have issued an intriguing press release about their impending release:

A Press Release Worth Cutting and Pasting (Courtesy of Solid PR):

"KEELHAUL is like the one friend that you're actually looking forward to seeing when you fly home for the holidays… Still smoking weed in the parent's basement, but, try as you might, you can't fault him for doing it because ultimately you're fucking convinced he's got some shit figured out that you're still years away from. Basically, this guy Keelhaul is a solid dude and maybe part of you wants to be him, no shame in it… most people are susceptible to societal pressures… you wanted to be an adult and you thought you knew what that meant… trips to the wine store… you should kick your own ass.

Keelhaul's Triumphant Return to Obscurity, is not just a clever name for an album title marking a band's return from obscurity, it's an album title for a band's release marking that same band's return from obscurity. init? Chris Smith, Aaron Dallison, Dana Embrose, and Will Scharf have been at it as Keelhaul for over ten years and it shows. This record picks up on the band's progression as if they were steadily releasing records throughout their six year hiatus. The pace is precise, the instrumentation is masterful and the guitar tones are absolutely appropriate. Look, your old pal Keelhaul knows what he's doing and he has no clue what a Williamsburg is, so he feels no need to overcompensate by adding strings, vibes, horns, boners (well maybe boners), harps and/or electric flutes… to his compositions… which is a damn good breath of fresh air if you ask us."

Keelhaul's Triumphant Return to Obscurity track list:
1. Pass the Lampshade
2. Glorious Car Activities
3. Everything's a Napkin
4. High Seas Viking Eulogy
5. THC for One
6. The Subtle Sound of an Empty Milkshake
7. El Matador
8. Kirby Wurm
9. Bandolero de Perros De Maiz
10. Waiting for the Moon to Speak
11. Brady's Lament
12. KFB

New songs can be streamed at their MySpace. Also, download the mind-bending instrumental track below:

Mp3: Keelhaul – Pass the Lampshade

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