Thursday, July 30, 2009

Local Spotlight On: Hazard Adams

Some days there is nothing better than some relaxing roots rock and that is exactly what I got when I saw Hazard Adams on July 26, 2009 at Church in Boston, MA. The band fronted by talented axeman Jesse Friedberg played an enjoyable set of alternative country tunes that would please fans of Wilco or Ryan Adams. Songs such as "I Don't Wanna Be Friends" and "Time to Be Wrong" had a nice balance between twang and bluesy jangle. Guitarist Chris Perry kept thing interesting by integrating some electric mandolin effectively into some of the songs. The rhythm section of Chris Franzen's shuffling drums and Pete D.W's robust bass created nice foundation for the songs to rest on and kept things moving at a moderate pace. The group held the attention of the modest crowd and by the end of the show everyone was bobbing their heads and enthusiastically applauding. Hear for yourself at the band's MySpace.

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