Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Stream/Download: Speedy Ortiz - The Death of Speedy Ortiz

In yesterday’s post, I briefly mentioned my affinity for Sebadoh. What I didn’t mention was my love for Guided by Voices, but you know those go hand-in-hand. Speedy Ortiz, the solo project of Quilty's Sadie Dupuis, perfectly captures the spirit of both those bands with battered songs of lo-fi excellence. Each song on The Death of Speedy Ortiz was written in 30-50 minutes and home recorded the same day with Sadie playing all roles. It is an impressive feat, especially given the results in tracks like “Cutco” which bring to mind the best slacker anthems of the 90s. The chorus of “All my friends want to cut me into bits / They should throw me on a skillet / Make dinner of what they get” has a downtrodden yet infectious melody that is hard to forget. The ingenious bedroom album is available for free so don’t forget to download yourself a copy.

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