Monday, July 30, 2012

Animal Collective Announce Single "Today's Supernatural"

I hate that when certain bands release a new single, every blog on the planet regurgitates it, often without even saying anything. Well, this time I’m jumping onboard, but it is in hope that a discussion may brew and because Animal Collective is one of my absolute favorite bands. On their new weekly radio program, the band presented the first true taste of Centipede Hz in all its oddball glory. “Today’s Supernatural” is much less poppy than the material on Merriweather Post Pavilion and brings back some of the quirky elements of their past. This is one track that is going to require many spins before you can fully absorb what is going on. I recommend switching to that 720p setting because there is a lot happening in this one.

The layers of electronic and acoustic instruments are as busy and colorful as the record’s cover. And then there are the lyrics which seem as thoughtful as ever: “You find something you believe that you should do / Sometimes it won’t come so easy / But sometimes you gotta go get mad.” That powerful statement is backed by crunchy guitar and followed by a whirring organ. As you might expect, the song structure is unconventional and rides on the back of what could only be a Panda Bear rhythm. The ending breaks into a sonic cacophony with Avery Tare screaming on top of it. Needless to say, I was not let down.

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