Saturday, July 28, 2012

Stream: For Sleeping or Jumping - Dead Languages

Here we have something that deviates from the normal offerings at Stereo Typing. It's been awhile since I've covered any hardcore or metal; but when something good crops up, I don't want fans of those genres to miss out on it. For Sleeping or Jumping is a mathcore outfit from Boston that worked with Ben Weinman of The Dillinger Escape Plan and Ryan Siegal, who produced the Coloring Book EP for Glassjaw, to produce their latest release, Dead Languages. Weinman's influence can certainly be heard in the winding and perplexing guitar acrobatics and Siegal's in the tight post-hardcore song structure. The unpredictability over these five tracks keeps you attentive and intrigued from the moment you press play.

It’s good to go into this well-versed in your heavy genres, because For Sleeping or Jumping is going to give you a taste of everything. The opener "Beardrops" is a perfect introduction to the bands crushing approach, combining moody melodies with dissonant eruptions. Elsewhere, "Bone of Contention" teases elements of grindcore with some post-hardcore riffing and ends in a smashing breakdown. The title-track finishes things with swirling post-rock guitars and tripped-out vocals. There is a spastic energy flowing beneath everything yet the release was definitely constructed with a keen eye for detail. This self-awareness might hold them back from true chaos but it keeps the EP raring for repeated lessons. If you're not afraid of a little brutality in your ear, make sure to give it a shot.

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