Sunday, July 29, 2012

Stream: DIIV - Oshin

DIIV is a Brooklyn band formed by Beach Fossils guitarist Zachary Cole Smith. It's not too hard to guess what kind of music to expect on their debut Oshin. It has all the marks of his previous band such as hypnotic guitars drenched in reverb and vocals that act more like an ambient texture than they do a focal point. Through most of the album, the buoyant guitars are the main attraction as they bubble and pop over fluid bass lines. The gently oscillating rhythms that accompany them sound like they were made to sway one's hips to while poolside on a cool summer night.

The beachy vibe of these songs is often paired with a spooky undercurrent as exemplified on "Human". The subtle changes in style like the dash of krautrock in "Air Conditioning" are what make this record a breeze to listen to from start to finish. "How Long Have You Known?" is a true guitar-pop gem with a chorus that sinks right in and a beat that recalls The Cure. "Sometime" is another standout with guitars that shimmer like light reflecting off the water. The 80's new wave influence comes back in the second half of the album with "Doused", a track that finds the group doing their best Joy Division impression. Things wind to a close on a somber note with "Home" where Cole laments, “You’ll never have a home ’til you go home.” Oshin is certainly derivative of a sound we've heard before, yet it is so well executed that it is hard to fault them for it on such an impressive debut.

DIIV will be returning to Boston on Thursday, September 20th to perform with Wild Nothing at Brighton Music Hall.

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