Monday, June 3, 2013

New Track Rundown

Stereo Typing has become the blog that refuses to die. I've put it on the back burner while I focused on more important things like getting my life into functional order. The good news is that I feel like things are moving along well enough to post this quick update complete with a fantastic downloadable playlist. I've seen a lot of my favorite blogs throw in the towel (RIP Built on a Weak Spot) and I've been tempted to do so myself many times over. However, I feel if I don’t put too much pressure into trying to stay relevant and instead focus on posting material when I feel compelled, I can still turn people onto good music and that’s what matters. In an effort to catch readers up with at least a portion of the amazing tracks released this year, I have compiled 23 of my favorites along with the 23 best music videos.

The first track comes from Fuzz, a new project with Ty Segall providing the thunderous drum background and vocal chops while Charlie Moonheart floods the rest of the space with distorted shredding. As you’d imagine, it’s pretty sweet. Ty Segall also has an album called Sleeper coming out in August. It would seem he’s making an effort to beat Robert Pollard in terms of productivity. Of course that would be a joke because Pollard already released an album with Guided by Voices of which there is a song below and he also announced 347 other records he’ll be putting out by year’s end.

Some of the other tracks of note include “I've Got a Wild Feeling” by Milk Music. I was on the fence when it came to this band until I heard their latest release, Cruise Your Illusion, which sounds light years ahead of their other material. I felt similarly about the Purling Hiss album, Water on Mars, which was released this year and stepped it up in terms of not only production but also songwriting. I was also blown away by the Twin Tigers track, “Death Wish”, featured here. It’s the kind of song where if it was playing in the background, you’d have to stop everything and see who wrote such a powerful piece of music. It possesses a dark no wave vibe that transforms into a strangely danceable beat and is surrounded by swells of shoegazey guitars to get lost in.

Toward the middle of the playlist is “Real Surreal Beauty”, a space-folk ballad from Cave In’s Stephen Brodsky. It comes from Hit or Mystery, which is one of the more impressive EPs I heard this year. The song after it is a haunting bit of indie rock that I had stuck in my head for what seemed like eternity. I can all but guarantee you will be asking what the name of the song is when it soundtracks some poignant scene in a introspective indie flick. It’s “Ghosts” by ON AN ON for future reference. I guess this would be the cinematic portion of the playlist because “Virginia Slims” and “Line of Fire” are equally visceral. I consider both Futurebirds and Junip to be tragically underrated and it was nice to see them releasing albums of stellar quality this year. Hopefully, more people will take notice.

The last track comes from Bad History Month, the latest release from Boston’s irreplaceable two-piece anomaly, Fat History Month. If you follow me on twitter, it’s no secret that Bad History Month is my favorite record of the year and comes courtesy of Stereo Typing’s affiliate label, Exploding in Sound Records. The label has put out two releases so far this year and it has been an true honor to add them to our catalog. Geronimo!’s latest tape, Buzz Yr Girlfriend: Vol 3 - The Metal David Byrne, is an incredible burst of psych-grunge fury that begs to be played over and over again while Fat History Month’s Bad History Month is the sardonic alt-folk masterpiece we have all been waiting for since the material Modest Mouse released in the ‘90s. We also have records from Two Inch Astronaut and Ovlov right around the bend and you’d be wise to pre-order yourself copies of each. Make sure you check all that out after you listen/watch everything below. I know that’s quite the assignment but I think you can handle it; just cut some of those crappy sitcoms you watch out of your schedule and enjoy some transcendental music instead.

Fuzz - “This Time I Got a Reason”

Milk Music - “I’ve Got a Wild Feeling”

Twin Tigers - “Death Wish”

Crocodiles - “Cockroach”

Campfires - “Fortune Teller”

Jacco Gardner - “The Ballad of Little Jane”

Stephen Brodsky - “Real Surreal Beauty”

ON AN ON - “Ghosts”

Futurebirds - “Virginia Slims”

Junip - “Line of Fire”

Pure X - “Things in My Head”

The Thermals - “Born to Kill”

LVL UP - “Consistent”

Purling Hiss - “Mercury Retrograde”

Har Mar Superstar - “Lady, You Shot Me”

Dinosaur Jr. - “Entertainment” (Phoenix Cover)

Majical Cloudz - “Children’s End”

Still Corners - “Berlin Lovers”

TV Girl - “She Smokes in Bed”

Peals - “Blue Elvis (Dan Deacon Remix)”

Ed Schrader’s Music Beat - “Radio Eyes”

Guided by Voices - “Flunky Minnows”

Fat History Month - “The Future”


Shugo Tokumaru - “Katachi”

Lazyeyes - “Wait”

Bonobo - “Cirrus”

Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds - "Jubilee Street"

Pissed Jeans - “Bathroom Laughter”

Thee Oh Sees - “Toe Cutter - Thumb Buster”

Marnie Stern - “Immortals”

Speedy Ortiz - “Ka-Prow!”

Cheyenne Mize - “Among the Grey”

Rhye - “Open”

Steven Wilson - “The Raven That Refused to Sing”

Suuns - “2020”

Mikal Cronin - “Change”

Big Dick - “Colours”

Chelsea Light Moving - “Lip”

God Damn - “Heavy Money”

Portugal. The Man - “Purple Yellow Red and Blue”

Yeah Yeah Yeahs - “Sacrilege”

The National - “Sea of Love”

Kvelertak - “Bruane Brenn”

Altar of Plagues - “God Alone”

Sigur Rós - “Brennisteinn”

Queens of the Stone Age - ...Like Clockwork

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