Thursday, June 6, 2013

Stream/Download: The Dirty Nil ​/​ Northern Primitive Split 7"

Featured in my 7 favorite 7”s from last year. The Dirty Nil have since released a split 7″ with their friends and fellow Ontario band Northern Primitive. The A-side "Zombie Eyed" is a heavily fuzzed out Weezer-esque anthem. It’s one of their catchiest tracks yet and it’s damn fun to sing along to as they scream "I guess I'm just zombie eyed!" The B-side from Northern Primitive is a slow burning distorted haze that has a soft underlying melody drifting in and out throughout its length. If we were using zombie flicks as reference points, The Dirty Nil’s side would be Zombieland, fun and aggressive, whereas Northern Primitive’s would be 28 Days Later, eerie and brooding. The digital is available for name your price, so jump on that immediately then purchase yourself a copy of the vinyl for later. Below is also a brilliant performance video of both tracks.

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