Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Fox News Have Heart

Fox News has posted a surprisingly insightful report on the straight-edge scene in New England. This is probably the most credible reporting Fox News has done in the last decade. The video includes great footage such as an interview with In My Eyes from 1999. It also covers noteworthy hardcore label Bridge 9 Records and Have Heart's final show which occurred on October 17, 2009; also known as Straight-edge Day. Unfortunately, I missed the performance which took place in Revere, MA but the event was told to be a great success and triumphant ending to an influential band. The photo above is from a very limited edition print they were selling at the show. I am posting Have Heart's final record Songs to Scream at the Sun which serves as an excellent example of how passionate this band was. It is sure to have you screaming along with every word (perhaps at the sun?) by the time it's over. It is available for cheap at the Bridge 9 store along with some other awesome merch so get yourself a legit copy!


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