Tuesday, October 18, 2011

New Track Rundown

It seems like every year Los Campesinos! release an album that goes largely unnoticed. They have been one of the most consistent bands and have maintained their creativity across all albums. “By Your Hand” was released last month as the first taste from their latest effort, Hello Sadness, to be released on November 15. The catchy little number is laced with their signature dry wit and is the perfect lead-off track for this week’s new track rundown. It is followed by one of the year’s best singles in “Dawned on Me.” Wilco’s newest album, The Whole Love, was a stunning surprise when it was released. It strikes the perfect balance between accessible songs like the aforementioned track and the big, bold Americana sound that we have come to love from the group. It lives up to the hype of being their best effort since Yankee Hotel Foxtrot. Speaking of a big and bold sound, one of my favorite new bands, Dreamers of the Ghetto, have quite the anthem in “Tether.” Let me say that if you long for epic folk rock anthems of Bruce Springsteen, you may have found your new favorite band. These guys may be taking cues from The Boss but they aren’t slaves to one particular sound. With “Tether,” they are able to display strong songwriting skills while morphing their noticeable influences into a unique voice of their own. All this and more can be heard in the playlist below.

Los Campesinos! – “By Your Hand”

Wilco – “Dawned on Me”

Dreamers of the Ghetto – “Tether”

Young Man – “Nothing”

Kurt Vile – “The Creature”

A Classic Education – “Baby, It’s Fine”

Gung Ho – “Twin Rays”

Bleached – “Think of You”

Look, Stranger! – “If You’re Listening”

You Won’t – “Television”

Jookabox – “Drops”

A.Dd+ - “Can’t Come Down”

DZ Deathrays – “Gebbie Street”

The Oh Sees – “Carrion Crawler”

The Soft Moon – “Total Decay”

Pigeons – “Tournoi”

Megafaun – “Get Right”

Sunny Pompeii – “Who Knows Who Knows”

Casiokids – “Det Haster!”

Born Gold – “Decimate Everything”

The Field – “Then It’s White”

Blood Diamonds – “Dreams”

Blackout Beach – “Beautiful Burning Desire”

Wild Flag released one of the year’s best and funniest videos for their track “Romance.” It’s no surprise given Carrie Brownstein’s involvement in the cutting-edge sketch comedy show, Portlandia. I had the pleasure of seeing them play at Paradise and they were one serious, guitar-wielding rock force. I should have some words posted about the show later this week. The video for “My Machines” by Battles may ruin or enhance the song depending on your perspective. It is one of those videos that after seeing it once, you are going to picture it in your head the next few times you hear the song. It is strange and unforgettable. Arctic Monkeys have done a masterful job in creating a captivating [NSFW] narrative for their single “Suck It and See.” The song is the title track from their underrated new album which remains one of my favorites of 2011. You can view these and more gems below.

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