Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Stream: Male Bonding - Endless Now

Sub Pop has been on the cutting-edge of indie rock since their inception in the 80s. This year has added countless highlights to their catalog. Last year, the label released Nothing Hurts, a noisy little dream pop album by Male Bonding that hinted at bigger things. That promise come to fruition with their sophomore offering, Endless Now. With this release, Male Bonding have turned down the distortion and turned up the accessibility. There is plenty of fuzz, irresistible hooks, and singalong melodies to be found in the grooves of this record. It starts with the the sun-drenched jangle of "Tame the Sun". The centerpiece, "Bones", shows the group expanding their sound, giving it room to breath and grow while drawing you in as each minute passes. Sub Pop has offered up a full album stream on YouTube which can be found embedded below. It's a fitting way to take in the album since it flows effortlessly from track to track.

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