Monday, October 3, 2011

Stream: LaFaro - Easy Meat

On the heavier side of the musical spectrum, I'd like to introduce LaFaro from Belfast, North Ireland. Last year, they released the unrelenting assault of an album that was their self-titled debut and they are already set to batter audiences with another slab of noisy rock and roll. Easy Meat doesn't hold back with it's post-hardcore attack and it is full of bear-soaked metallic riffs and crude observations. The band can churn out some memorable licks and get in a serious groove as evident on the title track. At their catchiest, they recall bands like Queens of the Stone Age and at their angriest they are reminiscent of Helmet or even Shellac. If your looking for music to let out some of that pent up aggression, you'll find the perfect anecdote after the jump.

LaFaro - Easy Meat (Album) by Smalltown America

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