Monday, August 30, 2010

Best of Pitchfork's Top 200 Tracks of the 1990s: 200-151

I have always been a big fan of lists that contain the top songs from an era. I may not always agree with the lists that Pitchfork posts but they always get a good discussion started. Their latest staff list, Top 200 Tracks of the 1990s, is of particular interest to me. I have been on a huge 90s kick and consider myself somewhat of an aficionado when it comes to a diverse knowledge of music from the period.

I have made my own best of the best list comprised of my favorite tracks from Pitchfork’s. This way you can weave through the obscure electronic crap and get right to the real gems. The 90s had a lot of blood-pumping, anthemic music and that’s definitely what stands out the most for me out of all the songs they have listed so far.

There are some really inspired picks like Shudder to Think - “X-French Tee Shirt” and Refused - “New Noise” but I also can’t help but think they should be way higher on the list. Those songs have defined their respective genres and influenced a new generation of followers. There are also some truly excellent tracks that I think a lot of people have forgot about or ignore over the ensuing years such as The Afghan Whigs - “Gentlemen”.

I hope the inclusion of "Gentlemen" is able to turn a whole new generation onto Greg Dulli’s brilliant songwriting with The Afghan Whigs. The image above is the timeless album cover from the record of the same title, which I highly recommend listening to if you haven’t heard it before. Evidently, it is highly regarded in the blogosphere as Tsururadio also posted a short write-up on the album along with some tracks including the cheeky must-hear “Be Sweet”.

Below is a player with my favorites from the aforementioned list. Apparently, Pitchfork is 21/50 with me on the list so far. I’m really looking forward to seeing what pops up on the next installment.

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