Monday, August 2, 2010

Summertime Mix

This coming weekend is projected to be another gorgeous one. The hot weather in Boston has been a staunch reminder that summer is still in full swing. It's about time that I put a summertime mix out there that anyone can listen to while doing all sorts of summertime activities or perhaps just lounging around. I have a couple of my all time favorites in this one (Manic Street Preachers, Jane's Addiction, The Flaming Lips, Thursday, American Football) and some new ones released this year which I thought are great examples of rising bands who have written excellent summer anthems.

Like any good mixtape, it flows effortlessly from track to track and even seems to have a running narrative from the desire to enjoy the Summertime to lamenting in its passing. I didn't include a Beach Boys song because that just seemed too easy. Although without one this does lean towards something that could be called 'A Hipster Summer'. Also not on the list are Mungo Jerry's "In the Summertime" or The Lovin' Spoonful's "Summer in the City". These are also obvious picks and wouldn't fit in with the flow of the mixtape. They are still incredible songs so go listen to them now! After you're done with that, give the mixtape below a spin...

  1. Girls - "Summertime"
  2. Trans Am - "Play in the Summer"
  3. The Hold Steady - "Constructive Summer"
  4. Jason Collett - "High Summer"
  5. Manic Street Preachers - "Die in the Summertime"
  6. Jane's Addiction - "Summertime Rolls"
  7. Pavement - "Summer Babe (Winter Version)"
  8. The Flaming Lips - "It's Summertime"
  9. Animal Collective - "Summertime Clothes"
  10. Blackbird Blackbird - "Summer Heart"
  11. Neon Indian - "Deadbeat Summer"
  12. MiniBoone - "Summer Jam"
  13. The Love Language - "Summer Dust"
  14. Wild Nothing - "Summer Holiday"
  15. Avi Buffalo - "Summer Cum"
  16. Minus the Bear - "Summer Angel"
  17. Thursday - "Standing on the Edge of Summer"
  18. American Football - "The Summer Ends"
  19. Grandaddy - "Summer... It's Gone" 
Download all the fun in one place right here!


    1. Sweet list. Here's a couple others I'm digging this Summer...

      Still Corners - Endless Summer

      Best Coast - Summer Mood

      unouomedude - Island Summer

    2. Nice picks, I was going to put Best Coast - Summer Mood on my mix but I ran out of space. I'm really digging unouomedude - Island Summer, def a good summer jam.