Friday, August 20, 2010

Take on the World Mix

Music can serve as the soundtrack to any moment. I needed a playlist for those moments when you look the world in the face, say "fuck it", and do your own thing. I had one of these moments when I recently climbed Mount Washington in New Hampshire on a whim. Probably not the smartest decision for my physical well-being but still one of the more rewarded endeavors I took on this summer. The whole time I couldn't help but think that I needed some music to accompany the 4+ mile hike into the sky and, sadly, I didn't have any. Still, it was tranquil to just listen to the sounds of the nature so maybe it is better that I compiled this after the fact.

The mix starts off with a compelling and propulsive track by Phantogram, who released my favorite debut so far this year. It's followed by "Space" which I find to be far and away the best track off the latest M.I.A. record. I've been really into HEALTH this year (not my own unfortunately) and the remix presented here is the perfect example of how people are taking their relentless noise and turning it into dancefloor ready pop tunes. I included Cut Copy's latest track, which is a surprising change in direction that showcases influences from The Beach Boys and The Who; very catchy indeed!

The second half is full of more rock and roll oriented songs and includes a lot of bands that I was unaware of until the year such as The Soft Pack, The Henry Clay People, and Suckers. The title of the mixtape comes from the centerpiece, the powerful new tune from Wavves. I also had to include the uptempo new single from Japandroids, "Younger Us", which gets me pumped every time I hear it. The closing two tracks are epic, sweeping tunes. Make sure to pick up the new Menomena album; it's breathtaking. My favorite picture I took from my hike is below along with the mixtape. Give it a listen and let me know what your favorites are. Make sure to catch a show, buy a record, or otherwise support the bands you like!

  1. Phantogram - "Running from the Cops"
  2. M.I.A. - "Space"
  3. HEALTH - "Nice Girls (Little Loud Rmx)"
  4. School of Seven Bells - "Windstorm"
  5. Tanlines - "Real Life"
  6. Cut Copy - "Where I'm Going"
  7. Los Campesinos! - "We've Got Your Back (Documented Minor Emotional Breakdown #2)"
  8. ceo - "Come with Me"
  9. Surfer Blood - "Slow Jabroni"
  10. Maps & Atlases - "The Charm"
  11. Wavves - "Take on the World"
  12. Japandroids - "Younger Us"
  13. Mr. Dream - "Scarred for Life"
  14. The Soft Pack - "Answer to Yourself"
  15. The Henry Clay People - "Working Part Time"
  16. Happy Birthday - "Girls FM"
  17. Suckers - "Before Your Birthday Ends"
  18. The Drums - "Forever and Ever Amen"
  19. Menomena - "Dirty Cartoons"
  20. The Middle East - "Lonely"
Grab the whole thing right here!

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