Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Cloud Seeding ft. Marissa Nadler - Ink Jar

Cloud Seeding is a music singles project from Brooklyn-based guitarist Kevin Serra, who is using it as collaborative space to showcase vocalists he admires. On the “Ink Jar” single, he works with one of my favorite folk artists, Boston’s Marissa Nadler. The sultry, Lynchian tune relies on Marissa Nadler’s gorgeous vocal melody which floats gently above the ethereal rhythm. For the video, director Christopher Arcella created the visual effects by sending sound waves through a subwoofer connected to a pan filled with oobleck (non-Newtonian fluid). It achieves the perfect visual to accompany the haunting tune. The b-side “Unquestioning” is a slow and fragile dance containing a watery pulse. You can purchase the single on CD at the band's bandcamp page via Bleek Records.

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