Thursday, February 2, 2012

J.Nolan x Reese Jones – The Archetype EP

Hip-hop has become contrived, right? I mean, is this guy even trying? Can you really take this guy seriously? Enter J.Nolan who has restored my faith in in the genre. Nothing sounds lazy on his latest release, The Archetype EP. The 22-year-old rapper pairs with 18-year-old producer Reese Jones for this collaboration of complex beats and captivating rhymes. Nolan doesn’t meander his way around the rich production; he spits fire and does justice to the meticulously crafted beats. The EP displays an affinity for jazz samples that recalls A Tribe Called Quest records. Standouts “U4-ia” and “Tonight’s the Night” are perfect examples of Nolan’s fluid wordplay. What makes this release a keeper is that the music has soul and Nolan has something to say. The EP becomes more impressive when you realize that it was completed in a span of about 9 days. It’s clear these guys have a seriously bright future ahead of them. The whole thing is available for free on bandcamp so get at it!

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