Thursday, February 2, 2012

Graph - EP 3

Maybe it’s the gloomy weather (the sky has been dark grey since I woke up) but I feel like covering some of the bands that are no longer with us. Hopefully, you’ve already listened to Ovlov’s final recordings in my previous post… If not, do so now... Ok, back to this release. The aptly titled EP 3 is the last we are going to hear from spastic math rockers Graph. “Middle” and “Frig” start things out right with short, punchy, and catchy songwriting. “Old” pummels the listener with abrasive bursts before relieving their eardrums with airy guitars reminiscent of American Football. “When We Get to Heaven We’ll Wait for Other People” is the catchiest song on the release and combines pop, punk, and noise elements into a swirling mixture of guitars and spirited rhythms. The final track, “Newest”, is my favorite. It has a disjointed start that slowly builds to a hypnotizing repetition before erupting in a headbanging finale. I have seen many basement shows with these guys that have left the audience spellbound and it saddens me that I won’t have the chance to do so again.

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  1. "Newest" is my favorite too. Thanks for the nice words. -Ry