Thursday, February 9, 2012

Young Fathers - TAPE ONE

Keeping in line with the previous post, I’ve got some more great hip-hop here courtesy of Young Fathers. The group is a trio out of Edinburgh specializing in a very conscious style of hip-hop that relies on heavy electronic beats and African rhythms to create a unique atmosphere on their latest mixtape, TAPE ONE. “Sister” is a great example of their sound. It has a fat, bottom-heavy beat and plenty of buzzing electronics. “Rumbling” stays true to its name with a rhythm that will test the limits of your subwoofer. The rhymes have a laidback flow that compliment the music, which is in debt to funk and soul as much as it is to dub and grime. Combining all these influences, "Remains" is the strongest track within. You can grab a copy of the excellent mix on their bandcamp and see for yourself.

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