Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Oliver Tank - Dreams / Dreams Remixed

Oliver Tank is a 22-year-old ambient electronic musician from Sydney, Australia. His debut EP immediately places you in a dream state from the first notes gently emanating from a piano in opener “Up All Night”. The tender piano is surrounded by the deepest of deep bass and pleas of “Can you teach me how to dance, real slow?” The atmosphere established throughout makes it the ultimate late night listening experience. "Last Night I Heard Everything in Slow Motion" is a clear standout with its thumping bass, clicking percussion, and emotive strings. It is begging to be used to soundtrack a poignant scene in an introspective film. Dreams is a dazzling debut that serves as aural opium. Press play and prepare to slowly drift down a soothing river of ambiance. For greater insight on the songs, read this track-by-track analysis by Oliver Tank himself. Also featured below is the companion piece, Dreams Remixed, which showcases some fantastic reworkings of the songs on the EP. Both are available for a pay-what-you-want amount at Yes Please Recordsbandcamp page.

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