Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Stream: Fucked Up - Year of the Tiger

If you haven’t been following them close enough, Toronto hardcore punk band Fucked Up have been releasing a single each year dealing with the Chinese Zodiac. The singles are typically ambitious, heavily orchestrated compositions that show the band pushing their limitations. With the fifth single in the series, Year of the Tiger, they feature contributions from director Jim Jarmusch, electropop group Austra, and Duchess Says leader Annie-Claude Deschênes. The sprawling two song set comes in at just under 40 minutes making it longer than the majority of punk records. Not a second is wasted in the almost 16 minute long title track which unfurls into a swirl of powerful guitar riffs and commanding punk rhythms. “Onno” is a more challenging track that features a 22-minute instrumental palindrome. It has an oddly hypnotizing beat and is much more listenable than it sounds in description. Listen below and also check out the past singles on the featured player.

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