Friday, June 29, 2012

Download: Skaters - Schemers EP

After feeling the onset of cabin fever one rainy night in early June, I decided to catch a show at the Middle East. One of Boston's finest up-and-coming bands, CreaturoS, were the headliners and I had been meaning to see them for awhile. I'm still saving every penny to pay the $1,000 they are asking for in order to own their 13 minute long track on bandcamp. I unfortunately missed the other two bands that played that night, but I was very happy to have caught Skaters. The group does not focus on punk as their name would indicate, but rather a catchy brand of garage pop. Schemers EP, available as a free download via their website, has made it's way into my regular rotation as of late. The opening track is a straightforward bit of crunchy rock that certainly wouldn't sound out of place on the radio. The tropical rhythm of "Fear of the Knife" and the tasteful horns on "Good Weird Woman" add wonderful flavor to their style and remind me of the liberties taken by The Clash. The killer hook to closer "Done for Good" makes it my favorite of the bunch. The jangly guitars and irresistible groove will surely bring about many comparisons to The Strokes, whom they had opened for in the past. Also, their music videos, which can be viewed below, are some of the crazier to hit the internet this year.


  1. Hi, I know it's been a long time since you posted this but today I found SKATERS and I read you said I can download the EP via their website but I don't know if it's that I'm too dumb for not seeing where or if they actually deleted that option. However, the thing is I really want to get this EP and it's sorta hard to find it more because pages keep being blocked because of my country (Venezuela). It's a call for help, thank you :)


  2. Outstanding EP thankyou for the link